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What Is Analytical Exposition Text?

by Louise W. Rice

Have you ever heard of an analytical exposition text? There’s a chance you have an assignment to write one, or maybe you want to help your kid write it for class. But what is analytical exposition text?

In this article, we’ll explore its definition, uses, and even examples of it.

What Is Analytical Exposition Text?

An analytical exposition is a piece of text that’s meant to convey an argument. When you write a similar text, you start with introducing a topic, stating its facts, explaining your view, and then concluding with your final opinion. It’s often five paragraphs, but it differs depending on the writer’s preference.

These texts are often written about social phenomena and situations. By writing an analytical exposition, you’re trying to convince your readers of your idea and your opinion. You do that by laying your facts first, then reaching a conclusion.

Purpose of Analytical Exposition Text?

The purpose of analytical exposition text is to convince the readers of an idea or persuade them to believe that a specific matter is essential to discuss. However, when writing a similar text, you don’t only depend on your idea and opinion. Instead, you lay all your facts, present your argument, then mention your conclusion in the final paragraph.

That way, the readers will be convinced based on actual facts, not mere opinions.

Analytical Exposition Text Structure

The structure of an analytical exposition text contains the following:

  1. Thesis: This serves to introduce the topic and the writer’s opinion
  2. Argument: Here, the writer presents his arguments by mentioning facts and backing them up with evidence
  3. Conclusion: The writer repeats his opinion, putting final emphasis on it. He then reaches a final conclusion and further backs up this opinion.

Analytical Exposition Text Examples

Here’s a brief example of an analytical exposition text made up of five paragraphs:

Smoking is affecting more people than you think. It’s one of the major causes of death around the globe.

Looking at the facts, you first find that smoking alone is responsible for one in every five deaths in the US.

Secondly, smoking kills more than 480,000 individuals annually, including some victims of secondhand smoking.

Thirdly, people who die from smoking are nearly 7x more than people dying in road accidents.

In conclusion, people should pay more attention to the harms and deadly results of smoking.

How to Write Analytical Exposition Text

To write an analytical exposition, you can follow these tips:

  • Use a relational process to explain your opinion and lay the facts
  • Use linking words to create a sequence, like firstly, secondly, additionally, etc
  • Use compound sentences
  • Use simple present tense and an easily understandable language

The Takeaway

As you now understand, an analytical exposition text is meant to convince readers of an opinion or an idea. But to do it, you need to add tangible facts and lay them out in an understandable sequence.

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