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How to Shift Realities While Awake – A Full Guide

by Louise W. Rice

If you’ve been scrolling Tik Tok recently, you may have seen a lot of people obsessed with the new trend: reality shifting.

Let’s be honest; everyone at some point will want to shift their realities. If your fantasy includes a large pool and a grand house in Beverly Hills, there’s no reason why you can’t turn your reality to live there for a little bit—even if it’s all in your mind.

You can also pay a visit to Hogwarts while you’re at it.

But how will you do it? Most people who tried it reported that they fell asleep somewhere in the middle. Now, what good would sleeping do when you want to enjoy your time in California? Or, of course, Hogwarts?

Here, I’ll tell you how to shift realities while awake.

How to Shift Realities While Awake

If you want to enjoy your new reality while awake, here are four different ways to do it.

Cinn Method

The Cinn method is a bit odd, and it requires a lot of focus, but it works with some people. To do it, lay on your bed in any way you prefer, as long as your arms don’t touch your torso. It’d also help if you listen to your affirmations or subliminals with headphones on.

Now, focus on the hazy darkness behind your eyelids, and keep your mind in one place.

Start counting from 1 to 100, but stop at each tenth number. When you reach 10, imagine your new shape, voice, hair, etc.

Then, at 20, imagine who you live with and how your house looks. Keep going until 100, and imagine one more thing at every tenth. So, when you reach 100, you’re visualizing a whole image of your shifted reality.

54321 Method

The 54321 method is called that because of the sequence you go through to shift your reality. The way it works, you need to imagine five things you want to see in your new reality, along with four things you want to touch, three things you want to hear, two things you want to smell, and one thing you want to taste.

The first thing to do is to close your eyes and take 15–20 deep breaths. You’ll want to relax your body, but not so much that you’re about to sleep.

After counting the breaths, start counting the previously mentioned items loudly. You should feel your mind gradually detaching from your reality, and you should open your eyes to your new DR.

Julia Method

Before explaining the Julia Method, I’d like to note that it requires a good imagination. Not just the ability to imagine what the main character looks like in a Wattpad fanfic, but a full ability to visualize something out of the blue. If you can’t do that, the other methods may be better to try.

The way the Julia method works, you listen to some Theta waves for five minutes, repeat some words for hypnotic induction, and count slowly until you’re able to visualize your new reality.

The method depends primarily on meditation. You get your mind into a relaxed state when you listen to the Theta waves; then, you start repeating words to dictate your new reality.

For example, you start saying ‘I live in Beverly Hills’ and list other fantasies you have. Then, you should start counting from 1 to 100 slowly to detach your mind entirely from your own reality.

Animal Method

Like most of the other methods, the Animal approach depends on meditation. For it to work, you need to meditate for 10 minutes, eradicating all thoughts from your mind. Afterward, you should lay down on your bed in a starfish position and start counting from 1 to 100 as slowly as you can.

Till now, it may look like the Julia method, but the following steps are different.

When you’re done counting, start visualizing a large field with all its aspects, including the wind tickling your face and the grass smell filling your nostrils.

Now, choose any animal you prefer, and imagine that you see it running. Start imagining that you’re chasing it and that it’ll lead you to your altered reality. Remember the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland? It’s something like that.

If it helps to see other people doing it, you can always look up the Animal method on Tik Tok and see other people’s experiences.

The Science Behind Reality Shifting

Now, as far as we’re concerned, we can’t apparate from one place to another. Unless your name is Harry Potter and you have ready access to a Floo network, you need to actually travel to reach another place. So, how do shifting realities work?

Well, shifting your reality depends on self-hypnosis and lucid dreaming. Mixing the two, you end up imagining your reality as if it’s real, but it takes a lot of focus to do so.

Lucid dreaming usually happens right before you wake up, particularly in the REM stage.

The way shifting works, you begin self-hypnosis by mediating and repeating affirmations. Counting is also considered one way of hypnotic induction.

By doing that, you shift your mind from your current reality and let it dangle between being asleep and awake. So, you’re fully conscious to the point that you can control your limps and your thoughts, but your mind is somewhere else.

When you’re done with self-hypnosis, your mind is tricked into thinking you’re sleeping. And so, it starts imagining your new reality as if you’re lucid dreaming. You’re dreaming, but you’re in full control of it.

The Takeaway

Contrary to common belief, shifting realities isn’t risky. As long as your mind is healthy and you’re not suffering from any psychological issue, you should be able to shift well.

The essential part to remember is not to let your mind wander and to clear it of all kinds of thoughts. Only then will you be able to apparate your mind to somewhere else.

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