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Using Plastic Wrap When Moving, Does It Work?

by Louise W. Rice

Plastic wrap is also known as a stretch wrap or shrink wrap, which is one of the best affordable resources to pack your stuff when moving to another place. These stretchy wraps are tear-resistant and are used to safely hold heaviest and large-sized items when moving. One can cover their furniture items along with all other stuff with plastic wrap to protect them from any scratches, stains, damage, or dirt while transporting it to another place. The expert movers at iMoving claim that you can also secure your artworks, mirrors, couches, etc., by covering them with an extra layer of plastic or bubble wrap.

One can also use plastic wrap to transport various other household liquid products. Just place a piece of plastic wrap on the bottle’s opening after removing the cap from it and then close the cap of the bottle. This will prevent the spilling of liquid from the bottle or jar when transporting it to another place.

How plastic wrap can be used when moving

You need to make sure that all your items are properly cleaned. Large-sized items are dissembled before covering them with plastic wrap. Desks, handles, or shelves of the furniture items must be removed so that the weight of the particular furniture can be reduced to lift it easily. If you want to cover the corners of your furniture with pads, then do it before wrapping it with stretch wrap. This will help to keep your furniture protected from scratches or any other damage.

You should take the help of another person to hold the item when covering it with plastic wrap. While wrapping any item, secure its chords or wires properly. Also, wrap the item horizontally as well as vertically to properly secure every part of the item.

Plastic wrap to make packing easier

When it comes to moving, packing is one of the most difficult tasks, requiring proper packing supplies to safely transport all the items. The plastic wrap will become your best friend when it comes to moving. It helps protect the furniture or artwork and helps in condensing the large items such as the rugs, blankets, and other items so that these items will take less space into the moving truck.

Different size and type of plastic wrap needed when moving

You might know that there are two main factors you have to consider while buying a plastic wrap which are length and width. You should know the length and width of the wrap you require before you start packing the items so that you don’t need to buy again, and there is no extra plastic wrap left. This guide will help you to estimate the needed plastic wrap.

60 gauge or 80 gauge

For covering the lightweight and large-sized items, you will need more amount of plastic wrap. Therefore, you can have 60 gauge or 80 gauge of plastic wrap. A higher number of gauge implies more plastic wrap and, therefore, more protection to your items.

Blown or pre-stretched wrap

When covering bulky items for moving them safely to another area, then pre-stretched wrap can be used. This particular type of wrap is lighter than the other plastic wrap. When wrapping the possessions, not much effort is required in pulling them.

Wrap with handle and without handle

The roll of plastic wrap having a handle is used to wrap small-sized items because the handle on the roll limits the width of the wrap. And those rolls of plastic wrap that do not have a handle, are much broader to cover large-sized items.

What will be the average cost of the plastic wrap

The overall cost of the plastic wrap varies according to the size of it you require to wrap the items. Of course, the more the number of items you need to wrap, the more the cost you need to pay. On average, the cost of a roll of around “20 X 1500” will make you cost around $20. So, now you should first estimate the number of items that you want to transport at the destination to know the required plastic wrap. This helps you know the measurement of the wrap you require so that you don’t need to waste money on buying extra or if you end up buying less, it will create a problem later for you.

From where one can get plastic wrap

Plastic wrap is the cheapest and best resource to protect your items during shipment. There are many retail stores from where you can get desired size and amount of plastic wrap rolls. You can also easily have them online from any shopping website. You can easily get the plastic wrap online as well as offline. It is one of the best packing supplies you can buy affordably and use for the most diverse packing needs. It is recommended you buy it in bulk to get it on the wholesale rates to save a few pennies of yours.

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