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Essential Checklist Before You Move Into a New Home

by Louise W. Rice

Moving your home is a daunting task, but it is essential, especially if you have to relocate for the sake of your career, the betterment of your family, prioritizing health and living benefits by relocation, etc.

Although the stern face of a move, you have all the control in the universe to make this necessary transition period as impressive as possible. You can train your brain, biology, and ultimately your psychological standpoint to utilize a relocation effect to impact your life positively.

Suppose you can keep these five things in mind before your next move. In that case, you will, indeed a peaceful mental transition to your new home. I invest very little mental and physical strain in completing the relocation process. You have the upper hand in organizing and securing your new home to be the best place in space where you will belong for the next many months, if not years.

Get Rid Of The Limbo And Make Up Your Mind

Nature and circumstances push us to move sometimes, and sometimes we mindfully decide to move our habitat to a new environment. Regardless of the situation, if you are confused about your move, you should stop everything and come to peace with your mind first. You have to convince no one but yourself to pull the trigger and the casualties that the relocation process will bring to you.

Perhaps you have worked hard for years to go to that new home with a dream backyard, spacious bedroom, great lawn, and a friendly neighborhood, but that is only one part of your hypothalamus doing the talk. You are bound to have a second thought even for once, thinking about it is the right time? Will I be alright in the new place? Am I making the wrong decision?

Please do not blame yourself for this. It is entirely human nature to face such challenges. Instead, focus on getting out of that limbo, where you find yourself hanging in between the final entangled decision to move out or not to move out.

You can write down that you are moving into a new home on a piece of paper and keep it in your wallet, on the fridge, on your desktop casing, or even as your cellphone wallpaper. This simple technique will trigger your brain and send the message to the rest of your body to accept the face you are sure to move. If you do not like this idea, then code a line that says you are sure to move to another location, and you are okay with this repeating it silently in your mind at least 2-4 times a day. This simple task will ease up the process and undoubtedly will take you out of limbo eventually.

Sell Or Donate Items You No Longer Need

Even if you’re moving from a one-bedroom apartment to a crib, in your unconscious mind, some of the furniture or appliance has been made to your ‘to get rid of’ list. It is a natural process, and you have to act smart in dealing with it.

Research the items that have been made on the list and find out the market value using local classified if the object is expensive already and people searching them online. An excellent way to find out what people are looking for is to search “packing service near me” on google and call up the guys to let you know what most people in that area are looking for in a yard sale. Their feedback is essential as they see most of the discarded items compared to other professionals.

Arrange yard sale and put the right price. Some of your items will go away. The rest you can deal with via social media marketplaces. Not every platform is doing that. Why not have this advantage to earn a few bucks while getting rid of items before moving?

The items which still linger, donate them all to people in need. You will be surprised how many people would appreciate your donation.

Prepare The Boxes For The Move

Packing your boxes is one of the crucial steps you have to take before moving your house or office. Consider marking each box with colored markers, clear enough for you to distinguish living room items from kitchen items.

You will need several boxes, depending on the number of items. Protect the fragile items by wrapping serum or bubble wraps around the box’s inner wall. Make sure to pack a box labeled ‘essential goods’ denoting the very first items you will ever use after reaching your new home.

Categorize marked boxes based on the room this way. You do not need to plunge through boxes to find the piece you thought you might have lost during the relocation process.

Be Very Careful About DIY Moving

Breaking furniture, electronic gadgets, and fragile antique items is easy as pie. On top of this, your move can become exhausting to arrange. It takes time and patience, both mental and physical energy, for DIY moving.

Look for help from friends and family if you live all by yourself. Take extra care of the items which worth more to you by padding them from scratches, wrapping them with bubble covers for fragile items, etc.

Appoint your family or friend as a packing buddy, whose sole job is to organize boxes and stuff them carefully to avoid any damage.

Since you are the captain of your moving adventure, you have to rent a removal van to stuff all those packed boxes with your items for the move. Load each item carefully using hand trucks, four-wheel dolly, and hump straps if necessary.

Drive to your new destination, park the van in the ideal location for unloading, unloading all your stuff, keep their physical safety in mind, and finally return the removal van.

Be Mindful Of Selecting The Right Moving Company For Your Relocation

There are plenty of reliable moving companies who can offer assistance packing and moving all your things to your next home or office. Selecting the right one, however, can be tricky. In case you try to save a buck, you may end up with a cut-price service. You get into the glitters of a company’s outlet. You may end up spending tons comparing the work.

Balance it out from the beginning by shortlisting moving companies near you. You may want to find a company that also offer a packing service, good logistic, agreement papers and all. Start from the internet, typing “packing service near me,” you can skip the sponsored ads and find the top 3-5 from the first search engine result page.

First, visit their websites. A good moving company will have a branded site with many valuable assets and transparent pricing or quotation option. There should be video testimonials on the site to see what customers are saying. Check their blog sites. They should be publishing articles periodically. Call and talk to the supervisor, or even the owner, and ask to show up at your house for an in-house estimation. Any good moving companies should say yes to that. Repeat the process for shortlisting at least three companies.

Once they arrive, make sure they quote you by room rather than cubic feet. Observe and be clear about your needs and select the winner. Once the agreement is all signed up, make sure the paperwork is reliable, and they do offer you documents titled “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.”

On the day of the move, be sure to stay with the driver when they’re driving your items to your next destination. Any professional movers will unload and unpack for you, do not offer them help as they already know how to take care of business. Instead, please pay them a bonus for the hard work generously.

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