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Tips and Tricks for Family Holidays on a Budget

by Louise W. Rice

Every family deserves a fun getaway now and again. It can be difficult to finance, though, especially if you have a large family. Don’t worry – you and your family can still enjoy a fun-packed time away without breaking the bank this summer. With options to choose from finding the ideal resort, like the stunning Kashid Beach resorts to experience coastal serenity, might seem overwhelming. To ensure an enjoyable getaway and hold a budget, keep these seven tips in mind when selecting your resort.

Stay in the Country

Who says you have to fly halfway across the world to have a great holiday? To save cash on plane tickets, visas, and insurance, take a holiday in your own country instead. If you’re in the UK, there are plenty of beautiful places to visit, from the Scottish lakes to the beautiful beaches of Cornwall. Have a look at caravans holidays for some adventurous and picturesque UK getaways your whole family can enjoy.

Avoid the Busy Months

It’s no secret that holidays are more expensive during the kid’s holidays and in the summer. If you want to reduce your budget, then you want to book your family holiday during a quieter time. For example, a beach getaway in September will be much cheaper than one in August.

Use Flight Comparison Websites

Flight comparison sites are a great way of determining what the cheapest flights are. Instead of just looking at one airline, by using a flight comparison website, you get a look into which ones are the quickest and cheapest.

Go Camping

If the high prices of hotels are putting you off a family getaway, why not go camping instead? There are plenty of campsites around the world to enjoy, so whether you want a beach holiday or an adventure in the mountains, there’ll be a campsite for you. Just remember to pack all the camping essentials! You can head over to the Camping Expert for a wide selection of camping gear and essentials and to Proper Good for healthy meal prep ideas for camping to get started.

Book Online

Booking online gives you so much more control when it comes to family holidays. Not only do you get to compare plenty of hotel and flight prices, but you can book activities in advance, too. More often than not, you’ll find booking theme parks, museums, and aquariums online provide a discount.

Avoid Tourist Heavy Areas

Big cities like New York and Rome might excite you, but travelling there will cost a lot of money. The same goes for popular beach spots. To save some cash while exploring areas less travelled, have a look for destinations that don’t have flocks of tourists in the streets. Not only will you save money, but you and your family will discover places far more unique!

Enjoy Free Activities

The activities you enjoy while you’re away don’t have to be overly expensive; in fact, there are lots to do that won’t even cost a penny. Many outdoor spots like beaches, mountains, and parks are completely free, and you can even find museums and art galleries that don’t ask for an admission price. Also, you should look out for places where your kid gets free admission or can eat free, as this will help keep your spending to a minimum.

Enjoying a family holiday doesn’t have to leave your purse empty. By following these tips, you might even come back with cash to spare.

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