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Day-to-Day Spanish Words That Start With B

by Louise W. Rice

Language is the key to human communication. and the first step to mastering any language is to know some of its basic words.

So, today, we’ve compiled a list of the most well-known Spanish words that start with B to help you develop your knowledge in Spanish

Here’s a list of Spanish words starting with the letter “B,” along with their meaning:

bóvido bovid
bóveda arch
buzo overall
buzón mailbox
buñuelo beignet (type of donut)
butino butyne
butifarra a sausage from Catalonia
butadieno seat
butaca armchair
buscar pelos en la sopa to look for excuses to complain; literally “to search for hair in the soup”
buscador prospector
burundés burundian; from Burundi
burro donkey (m)
burra donkey (f)
burlón mocker, joker
burlarse to deceive oneself
burlar to trick, to deceive
burla mockery, taunt, ridicule
burbujear to bubble
burbuja excessive value due to speculation
buró writing desk
buque cisterna tanker ship
bumerán boomerang
bulto piece of luggage
bulo canard, hoax (false or misleading report or story, especially if deliberately so)
bullying school bullying
bullir to teem, to abound
bullectomía bullectomy
bujía spark plug (device that forms a high-voltage spark for fuel ignition)
buharro the scops owl, Otus scops
bufonear to jest, to clown
bufonada antic, clowning
bufón jester
buey viejo surco derecho an old ox, a straight furrow (it makes)
buey de mar brown crab (Cancer pagurus)
buey packet, large amount of money
buenísimo superlative form of bueno
bueno well; a short pause in a sentence
buen gusto preference for beautiful or attractive people
buenazo good-natured
buenaventura good fortune
buenas tardes good evening; good afternoon
buen apetito enjoy your meal; bon appetit!
buena onda literally, “estar en buena onda” means “being on a good vibe/note.”, and “tener buena onda” is “giving off good vibes.”
buena fama hurto encubre good reputation covers over a theft
budín pudding (sweet or salty)
budismo buddhism
bucólico bucolic, pastoral (all senses)
buceo diving
bético a fan, player, coach or person associated with Real Betis
básquetbol basketball (the sport)
báscula scale (device used to measure weight)
bruto uncouth person
brutalmente extremely
brutalizar to brutalize
brunilda female given name, cognate to German Brunhilde
brujulear to infer, determine from context
brujilla diminutive form of bruja
brujería sorcery, witchcraft
bruñir to burnish
brotar to bud or sprout
broncearse to tan
bromuro bromide (chemistry: a binary compound of bromine and another element)
bromista joker, one who jokes
broche paperclip
británico British (from or native to Britain, in both the historical and modern senses)
brindar to toast, drink a toast to
brígido dangerous, difficult
breva fig, breva (first fruit of the fig tree)
brete an unavoidable and inescapable predicament
brecha impression
brebaje potion, concoction
brazo branch
braza unit of measurement; about 1.67 meters. Twice a vara
bravo angry, furious
brasa hot coal, ember
braguetazo a marriage between a poor man and a rich woman
braga underpants
bíper pager (device for receiving alpha-numeric messages)
bpd abbreviation of barriles por día (barrels per day)
bozal A noseband, usually on a horse bridle or halter
bovino bovine (of, relating to, or resembling cattle)
botánica botany
botón key (on a musical instrument)
botín booty, prey
botillería bottle shop, beverage store (store selling alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages)
botellón street binge drinking (social gathering in the street with the purpose of drinking alcoholic beverages from bottles)
botarata wasteful, thriftless, unthrifty
bota bota bag; soft pouch, usually suspended from a cord or lanyard, for carrying wine or other beverages (Similar to a canteen.)
boruga a fermented milk drink similar to yogurt
boquiabierto open-mouthed; gaping
bonzo bonze (Buddhist monk)
bondi a colectivo in Buenos Aires, Argentina (Lunfardo argot)
bonaerense an inhabitant of the Province of Buenos Aires
bombón hottie, cutie (attractive woman or man)
bomba de la taquilla box office bomb, flop, turkey, dud
bomba something unusual producing excitement
boludez nonsense, bullshit (something that is stupid, dumb)
bolivariano of or pertaining to Simón Bolívar
bolardo bollard (post preventing vehicles from entering pedestrian areas)
bogavante lobster (specifically the European lobster Homarus gammarus)
boga a species of ray-finned fish, Leporinus obtusidens
bocón black fly of the species Simillidae, found in Central America
bochinche gossip, particularly that which is malicious, spread deliberately with the intention to defame the victim and amuse others, or disseminated by a busybody or meddler
bocacalle turning (into a street)
bobo a stupid or naive person; a fool
bobada nonsense, tosh (stupid act)
bloc pad (such as of paper)
blindado armored
blanquear to win without allowing rivals to get points
blanca y en botella, leche no doubt about it, no question
biznaga a generic name for several species of small, prickly cacti, especially barrel cacti
bizarro dashing, brave, spirited, gallant
bitácora binnacle
bisutería fake jewelry, or costume jewelry
bisnieto great-grandchild; great-grandson (great-granddaughter for the feminine form)
biológicamente biologically
billón 1012; a trillion (short system); a billion (obsolete, long system).
billar an establishment accommodating billiard tables; a billiard room
bilidad form of -dad used generally for adjectives ending in -ble; comparable generally to the English suffix -ity
bigote mustache, mustache; mustaches, mustaches
bicoca piece of cake, duck soup (task that is pleasant, easy or simple)
bicicleta bicycle, pushbike, cycle
berro chino Chinese cabbage
berlín donut (fried pastry, usually in an ellipsoidal shape and filled with cream)
berbiquí brace, bitstock
beneficio profit
bendito sea Dios good Lord, good heavens
bellas artes fine arts
beldad feminine beauty
becado one who has been granted a scholarship
becar to grant a stipend or scholarship for studying
báculo staff (long, straight stick, especially one used to assist in walking)
bíceps two-headed; having two peaks or extensions
baya de enebro juniper berry
batuta baton (stick used by conductors)
batir to beat, overcome (an opponent, record, etc.)
batidora mixer, blender (electrical)
bateadora feminine form of bateador (batter)
batea shallow pan (wide receptacle used in gold washing)
basural landfill, dump (place where waste or garbage is left)
bastedad crudeness, coarseness, roughness
basamento the base of a column or another structure
barros luco a sandwich made with grilled steak and melted cheese
barricada barricade (barrier constructed across a road, especially as a military defense)

Honorable Mentions

The above-listed words are some of the most common Spanish words that start with B. What about some complex Spanish words and phrases that start with B? Here are a few:

  • Bronceador con filtro solar: this too long of a phrase stands for sunscreen or suntan lotion with sunscreen capabilities.
  • Buceo con esnórquel: this phrase refers to the sport of snorkeling.
  • Bucear en el mar: the literal translation of this phrase is “to scuba dive in the sea.”
  • Buena suerte a ustedes: this common Spanish phrase means “good luck to you.”

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