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Your Guide to Spanish Words that Start With A

by Louise W. Rice

You’ve probably heard someone around you speaking a foreign language at one point in your life. Well, I can safely say I’ve been surrounded by numerous multilinguists, and have had a hard time keeping up.

There are over 559 million people in the world who speak Spanish. Chances are, you might already know some words.

If you’re trying to start your learning process with a few words, then starting with the first letter in the alphabet is a solid choice. Stick around to learn some Spanish words that start with a.

Spanish Verbs That Start with A

Learning Spanish vocabulary is bound to enrich your knowledge of the language. Let’s think about it this way; you know the words, but you don’t know how to connect them. That’s because you need to learn some grammar.

When I started learning a new language, knowing basic verbs were more important than deciphering a whole sheet of vocabulary. Let’s check out a few verbs that you might encounter in most conversations.

Spanish Verb with a Translation
Acordar to agree
Acampar to camp
Acordase to remember
Acortar to shorten
Adorar to adore
Amar to love
Andar to go or to walk
Aprender to learn
Atacar to attack
Atravesar to go over, to cross over, to pass through, or to go across
Abatir to knock down, to overthrow, or to throw down
Abrasar to set something on fire or to burn
Abrumar to overwhelm
Acarrear to transport, to carry, or to entail
Acelerar to speed, to accelerate, or to hurry
Acechar to lie in wait or to watch
Acentuar to emphasize or to accent
Acezar to puff or to pant
Achatar to flatten
Achicar to take in
Achantar to intimidate
Acoger to receive or to welcome
Acuciar to pester or to hassle (used informally)
Adquirir to obtain, to acquire, to buy, or to purchase
Aflorar to surface
Agarrar to grasp
Aguardar to wait or to hold on
Ahumar to smoke
Alabar to complement or to praise
Alarmar to alarm
Aumbrar to light up or to illuminate
Amasar to mix, to knead, or to mash
Ampliar to increase, to extend, or to enlarge
Arrancar to start
Asentar to put
Asir to grip, to grab, to seize, or to take root
Asombrar to be amazed, to astonish, or to be astonished
Acaecer to happen or to occur
Actualizar to update
Acrecentar to increase
Adherir to stick to or to adhere
Adormecer to sleep, to become numb, or to become sleepy
Alertar to warn
Amolar to annoy, to grind, or to ruin
Anochecer to get dark
Aparcar to park
Aperturar to open or to issue
Apestar to stink, to smell, or to infect
Apetecer to desire or to want
Arrendar to rent
Asear to tidy up or to clean
Asumir to assume
Auxiliar to help
Avergonzar to embarrass
Alejarse to go away
Aquietar to soothe, to calm down, to appease, or to reassure

Spanish Nouns That Start with “a”

The main words, the vocabulary, the nouns—those are what you’ll be using most. I remember when I learned a new language, I started with the most basic nouns. Places, jobs, months, days, the weather, all are crucial to know—at least from my experience.

Luckily for all you English-speakers, some Spanish words are derivative of Latin, which goes the same for a large sum of English nouns.

The nouns I’ll mention are ones you’re more likely to encounter and use. Here are Spanish nouns that start with “a.”

Spanish Nouns with a Translation
Abril april
Agosto august
El abuelo grandfather
La abuela grandmother
Los adultos adults
El agua water
La aldea village
El almacen store
Adolescente teenager
Adjetivo adjective
Aire air
Animal animal
Arquitecto architect
Alianza alliance
Angulo angle
Abasto angle
Abasto grocery
Abeja bee
Anatomia anatomy
El ancla anchor
La anguilla eel
El ano year
El anillo ring
Antartico Antarctica
El antifaz mask
El apio celery
El arbol tree
La arana spider
La ardilla squirrel
El arquero archer
El arroba at sign (@)
Arrendajo jay
Atleta athlete
Ataud coffin
El atardecer sunset
El autobus bus
El avion airplane or plane
El avestruz ostrich
La Azucena lily
La avispa wasp
La avenida avenue
Artista artist
El ascensor elevator
La aspiradora vacuum cleaner
El asta antler
El arpa harp
El arete earring
El arco iris rainbow
El arco bow
La arcilla clay
El anochecer evening
El amanecer sunrise
La almohada pillow
La aguja needle
El aguila eagle
La adicion addition
La aceituna olive
La acera sidewalk
El acuario aquarium
El aceite oil
El aguacate avocado
El alacran scorpion
El ala wing
La aleta fin
El almuerzo lunch
Amigo friend
La alfombra rug or carpet
La ambulancia ambulance
El arco arch
El armario cupboard
Astronauta astronaut


Spanish Adjectives That Start with “a”

After getting to know a fair number of verbs and nouns, it’s time to add adjectives into the mix. What’s a language without its descriptors? Once I learned to translate adjectives, my conversations became much more fruitful and engaging.

I was able to better express my emotions and thoughts with others more freely. Believe me, it’ll elevate your conversations.

Without further ado, here are Spanish adjectives that start with “a.”

Spanish Adjectives with a Translation
Abajo down
Arriba up
Amarillo yellow
Anaranjado orange
Azul blue
Actual current
Autentico authentic
Ausente absent
Atroz atrocious
Aspero rough
Ardiente passionate
Antiguo old
Anterior previous
Ansioso anxious
Anciano elderly
Ambicioso ambitious
Ambos both
Amargo bitter
Alegre happy
Agotado tired
Alejado remote
Alto tall
Aleman German
Anonimo anonymous
Atractivo attractive
Atrasado behind
Abundante abundant
Aburrido boring
Acertado correct
Amable friendly
Americano American
Asado grilled, roasted, or barbecued
Analfabeto illiterate
Agudo sharp, sharp-pointed, or acute
Agresivo aggressive
Absurdo absurd
Agrio sour, acid, or acrid

Spanish Conjunctions and Interjections That Start with A

Writing naturally comes with learning a new language. I find that writing in a foreign language is the best exercise you can get to learn from it.

If you plan on writing essays, stories, or maybe a letter in Spanish, conjunctions are vital. Whether you’re trying to connect your words or give your writing better coherence, these simple words are your answer.

Meanwhile, interjections allow for more expression and excitement in your sentences.

Check out Spanish conjunctions and interjections that start with “a.”

Spanish Conjunctions and Interjections with a Translation
Aunque even though or although
Aunque no lo crea believe it or not
A pesar in spite of
Anda go
Ay Ouch
Adios Goodbye

Honorable Mentions

Some Spanish words could mean a whole sentence in English. These could make your conversations easier. Instead of thinking of the composition of a whole sentence, you’ll only have to remember one word. Check them out below.

Honorable Mentions with a Translation
Acertar to guess right
Achaplinar to change someone’s mind
Absolutamente absolutely
Ayudeme,por favor please, help me

After surfing through our collection of verbs, nouns, adjectives, and other words that start with “a,” I hope you’ve added a few words to your arsenal of Spanish words. Now, you can attempt to talk to your Spanish friend and have a good laugh out of it!

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