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Six Bonuses For Online Gamblers In Canada That Most People Go For

by Louise W. Rice

Despite the fact that the Canadian gambling market is not as big as the one in Europe, things will change in the next couple of years. Nowadays, many companies operate in the country and allow people to choose from tons of different offers, some of which are special.

Not all sites provide enough promotions, but thanks to the Fanduel bonus code, Canadians can now enjoy some of the best bonuses in the business and use one of North America’s premier sites. Not that many gambling sites have the needed perks to satisfy their clients, but some live up to the expectations, which allows them to have way more users.

It should not come as a surprise that some of the offers are way more popular than others, and Canadians are happy when they have access to them. Some gamblers are yet to learn about them, so this article will show a few that are special.

No deposit bonus for new customers

Canadians who are lucky to find a premier online casino in the country will have access to a no-deposit bonus. This is a rare offer in the iGaming industry that lets people get free money to play with. To avail themselves of this offer, clients have to create an account, and they will receive the cash. However, there are situations where users will need to confirm their accounts or do something else before they can get the offer.

What’s interesting about the no-deposit bonus is that it has several other rules that Canadians must check. For example, some of them have a high rollover requirement, whereas others can only be used on specific games.

A VIP Program

VIP Programs have become one of the things that differentiate some gambling websites from others. Despite the fact that they’re most popular among online casinos, Canadian bettors can often use this offer once they decide to test a given sportsbook.

The VIP program can provide a variety of perks and different bonuses, depending on the site itself. Some gamblers have access to a special customer support department, their own account manager, and more. They even have access to exclusive tournaments that are not available.

The VIP programs have a variety of requirements that users must adhere to. For example, they may have to collect points and place bets on specific things.

Parlay Insurance

Parlays are popular bet types among Canadian sports fans who like wagering on several events. Usually, the leading sports betting operators in the country have at least a couple of parlay bonuses that clients can pick from. One of them is insurance, which allows users to place a bet and get something back in case they do not predict it.

The Parlay Insurance bonus can have a lot of additional requirements, so it all depends on the operator itself. Usually, this offer requires people to wager on six or more selections from a specific sport. However, some of the perks will let people bet on even more markets from several various sports.

The idea behind this promotion is to give your money back in case you do not predict one selection. Usually, there is a limit to the maximum funds you can get, and the only way to qualify for this offer is if you meet the minimum bet requirement.

Game of the Week

Canadians who prefer online casinos to sports betting websites can come across many different propositions that aren’t available in other countries. One of them is pretty popular, and it’s called Game of the Week.

Also known as GOTW, this is a perk that will let players get a special bonus once they decide to try out a specific game. The perks themselves can come in different forms and often include free bets. However, there are casinos that will make the games themselves different by adding additional symbols, extra winnings, a special jackpot, and so on.

The only way to test those things is to play the specific casino title on the given day. Remember to check all of the rules because there might be additional limits to keep in mind. There are a lot of casinos that cheat, so be careful what you choose.

Refer a Friend

Online casinos in Canada and many other countries around the world do a lot of things to promote their services. Some of them have affiliate programs, but some brands decide to allow clients to get a bonus once they refer a new client. This is possible courtesy of an offer called Refer a Friend, and it is usually available on most of Canada’s premier gambling platforms.

By choosing the Refer a Friend promotion, you have to give a special link or a code to someone who hasn’t used the given site. Once this person registers, he will usually have to make a deposit. There are also cases where this person may have to wager a given amount of money on specific odds.

After completing this rule, you will get a fixed bonus that can be used on a variety of things. Some of the leading gambling brands in Canada will also give the same bonus to the person you’ve referred, which makes the perk even more attractive.

Different countries and regions have different laws regarding online gambling, so please take care to comply with the relevant local laws and regulations.

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