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Samara Saraiva: Not Just Damon’s Wife, But Also a Member of the Illustrious Wayans Family

by Louise W. Rice

Damon Wayans Jr is a famous comedian and actor who took part in over 30 productions including movies, series, and voice acting. He’s best known for his role in the American sitcom Happy Endings and the film Let’s Be Cops.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look into the life of his wife Samara Saraiva. While the couple has been married for seven years, Wayans took up more roles than he ever did before he’d met Saraiva.

So, who’s the woman behind the successful Damon Wayans? 

Samara Saraiva’s Early Years and Background

Samara Saraiva was born on February the 25th 1981 in the USA. So, she’s 43 years old and a Pisces.

Samara was raised in a devout Christian household where she learned to be humble, caring, and generally a kind person. Mrs Wayans lives in Naples, Florida with her beautiful family.

Although Samara Saraiva is an American, we believe she must have got her stunning features from somewhere exotic! Owing to her last name ‘Saraiva’, we assume she’s of Portuguese or Brazilian origin.

Her olive skin, dark brown hair, and beautiful brown eyes also happen to be prominent features in those countries.

Samara Saraiva’s Family of Orientation

Samara Saraiva’s Family

Image source: Google

Although Ms Saraiva never uncovered the names of her parents, we know that they’re Christian and American. Rumor has it that Samara’s parents now live in Brazil.

Samara has two sisters who are present in her life: Villy Meneve and Maria Peres Horta. Maria spent her school years in Brazil.

Personal Life and Education

The mysterious celebrity Samara Saraiva guards her privacy fiercely. Although she shows up to her husband’s important events, she otherwise stays off the cameras and flashing lights.

Samara has a drop-dead gorgeous body and her warm smile captivates many hearts. She also has lustrous long locks as her signature look.

With all her untouched beauty, Samara could easily turn heads if she worked as an actress or model. However, that’s not the case. As far as we know, she’s a businesswoman.

For education, Samara hasn’t revealed details about her university degree, or whether she has one. Yet, she gives off the vibes of a confident and highly educated woman. What we do know is that she attended James Caldwell High School in Texas.

Saraiva’s Relationship With Damon Wayans Jr.

Damon Wayans Jr.

Samara made her first public appearance in 2014 when she accompanied her then-boyfriend Damon Wayans Jr to the premiere of his movie Let’s Be Cops. Yet, they didn’t make it known how and when they met.

In April 2016, the love birds tied the knot in a small wedding away from the prying eyes of the media. Only close family and friends were invited.

This confirms early in their relationship how much they value their privacy as a couple. It’s the first marriage for both Samara Saraiva and Damon Wayans Jr.

Samara Saraiva as a Mother

Samara Saraiva as a Mother

In her home life, Samara Saraiva is a mother to three children all under the age of six. She has two daughters and a son named Berlyn, Lua, and Maverick Wayans, respectively.

On top of that, she has two bonus daughters from her husband’s previous relationship: Amara and Aniya Wayans.

Amara Wayans is the elder sister and was born in November 2002. She’s a model and a social media influencer. Currently, Amara studies at Loyola Marymount University and is the brand ambassador of Brandy Melville and Kappa.

The second stepdaughter of Samara, Aniya Wayans is still 19 years old but already has a big following on Instagram and TikTok.

As for Samara’s biological children, she has sheltered them from the public the same way she keeps her own business hidden. If you ask us, we think they must be the cutest kids you’ve ever seen. After all, their parents are blessed with the best genes!

Husband’s Previous Relationship
Husband’s Previous Relationship

Some exes never completely get out of your life, especially when you share children with them. This is the case with Damon Wayans Jr because, after two years into his marriage with Samara, he sued his ex-girlfriend.

Before Samara, Damon was in a relationship with his childhood friend, Aja Metoyer. She’s a public figure and entrepreneur who was married to Dwayne Wade with whom she shares a son.

In 2018, Damon Wayans and Aja Metoyer caught the public’s attention during their legal battles over the custody of Amara and Aniya. Damon had sued her because he claimed Aja was squandering the money intended to raise the children and she wasn’t taking care of the girls’ education.

During this time and afterward, Samara Saraiva continued to support her husband. She took in his daughters and loved them as her own.

Marrying Into a Celebrity Family

Wayans family

The Wayans Family Image source: Google

Samara Saraiva walked into fame not only for marrying Damon but also for being a part of the legendary Wayans family. Her father-in-law, Damon Wayans Sr, is a writer, producer, actor, and stand-up comedian who started his journey in the 1980s.

In the summer of 2023, Wayans Sr. performed the role of Wally in the thriller movie Cinnamon. Other famous comedians from the Wayans house are Shawn, Kim, Keenen Ivory, and Damien Wayans.

Samara’s Achievements

Despite Samara’s field of work remaining a mystery, her net worth was a little shy of $1 million in 2022. Only a year later, her assets doubled to $2 million.

Wrapping Up

Despite having a successful career of her own, Samara Saraiva only became famous after her relationship with actor and comedian Damon Wayans Jr. Even after marrying into stardom, she continued to guard her private life.

Her line of work is unknown, her parents are unknown, and we don’t even know her ethnicity.

We can learn from Samara Saraiva’s life that it’s ok to marry a celebrity and remain out of the spotlight. In today’s world, many people treat celebrities’ personal lives like entertainment material without regard for their boundaries. 

Although it can be fun to have an online presence – this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You have the power to choose what to reveal and keep the rest to yourself.

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