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Questions To Ask Before Buying PEMF Machines

by Louise W. Rice

You have probably heard of PEMF machines and read PEMF reviews, which is why you are looking for more information on them. However, you may still have many unanswered questions, and this guide is an endeavor to answer those questions.  One thing is for sure; investing in a PEMF machine is worth it from your health perspective; you need to decide which machine suits you best.

A PEMF machine or system is a mat-based device, a whole-body mat applicator that the patient can use during a therapy session. PEMF therapy targets the cells in the body to improve their energy, leading to noticeable health benefits.

What Is Meant By PEMF Therapy?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy involves how these electromagnetic fields interact with the human body on a biological level to help treat medical conditions involving acute pain and recovery from injury.

Did you know that electromagnetic energy manages our body chemistry? Any disruption of this energy affects cell metabolism, and unhealthy cells lead to an unhealthy body, made up of trillions of such cells.

PEMF and the Electromagnetic Field

An electromagnetic field is nothing but the resistance between two magnets when held close to one another. Such a magnetic field is known to affect the behavior of any other objects nearby, which can be used therapeutically for gaining health benefits. Our bodies have electricity passing all over, with each heartbeat generating magnetic waves in the blood vessels.

These electromagnetic waves stimulate the tissues at a cellular level. The human body’s electromagnetic field interacts with the electromagnetic fields generated externally near the body. Hence, any electromagnetic field passing through the human body will affect the 70 trillion odd cells in the body, acting on the molecules and tissues.

Here are some questions you need to ask before buying a PEMF machine:

What is PEMF Waveform?

The pulsed electromagnetic field is delivered to the body in various shapes, known as the PEMF waveform. The best suited are the square wave, which is suitable for healing, and the saw-tooth wave, which is excellent for relaxation of the body.

What Is Meant By PEMF Field Strength?

An important question to ask before buying a PEMF machine is “, what is PEMF field strength?” Field strength is the volume control of the electromagnetic field passed through the body as therapy.  The field strength is described as the intensity,  and research studies from NASA indicate that a PEMF field strength as low as 1 to 20 microtesla is sufficient to gain healing benefits.

What is PEMF Frequency?

It is the level of PEMF waves delivered to the body for therapeutic purposes. PEMF frequency is a vital part of this therapy that needs to be understood. Here again, low PEMF frequency levels are more than enough as they serve the purpose very well. However, there is a popular misconception that higher PEMF frequency is good for therapy, which is not valid.

Early research conducted by Dr. Ross Adey indicates that PEMF frequency between 6Hz to 20 Hz is ideal for therapy. However, cell benefits were evident even with PEMF exposure of up to 30Hz. When dealing with long-term treatment, low-frequency signals work best. The systems using this frequency are often referred to as “earth-based” devices.

What Is Meant By PEMF Resonance Effect?

While checking out PEMF reviews, don’t forget to investigate what is meant by the PEMF resonance effect. It indicates the benefit gained from combining all PEMF therapy parameters as a whole.

When the body’s cells are stimulated, a cellular resonance takes place, especially when they vibrate at their peak rate. When these stimulated cells become negatively charged, they can absorb nutrients efficiently and throw out unwanted waste.

What is PEMF Pulse?

Static magnets cannot offer all the benefits provided by a tested PEMF machine, as evidenced by many PEMF reviews. However, static magnets turn out to be quite helpful for most patients, but only on a short-term basis. The human body tends to acclimatize itself to repeated magnetic signals.

The varying signals coming from the active PEMF machine help keep the cells in the body responding for an extended period. The ideal PEMF machine is designed to change the magnetic polarity of the signal regularly. These machines deliver a PEMF pulse that features a rapid rise and fall time, which has a beneficial effect.

Users who have experienced benefits from static magnets will realize that they gain far superior benefits while using the ideal PEMF machine.

Summing it Up

It is worth noting that PEMF therapy is approved by the FDA and is known to improve tendon-to-bone healing. An hour’s physio-stimulation showed remarkable improvements in the tendon-mechanical properties.

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