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What’s the Truth Behind Paul Giamatti’s Weight Loss?

by Louise W. Rice

Beloved actor, Paul Giamatti is perhaps more known to the wide American crowd as Kenny Rushtown (or Pig Vomit) from the 1997 comedy film, Private Parts.

That role was the starting point that really launched Giamatti’s artistic career. Since then, he’s worked as multiple supporting roles, including in Man on the Moon, Big Fat Liar, and Saving Private Ryan.

Giamatti’s Hollywood roles aside, fans and watchers of his recently popular show, namely Billions, noticed that he has lost an incredible amount of weight as of late.

What of Paul Giamatti’s weight loss, though? How did he manage to become that fit in just under a year? Is he sick or is he simply turning a new leaf? Let’s find out together!

What Happened to Paul Giamatti’s Weight?

In case you’re an avid follower of the 2016 American drama show Billions, you’ve noticed that our esteemed U.S. attorney, Chuck, changed up his appearance during season five. Charles Rhoades is played by Paul Giamatti.


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After the film industry went on hold once the Covid-19 pandemic hit, most productions were postponed until a later date. The same went for the shooting of Billions as well.

As such, most Hollywood stars had to stay home. As a result of the ongoing death scare Covid has started, many celebrities began looking into their health.

In other words, Paul Giamatti simply jumped on the great trend many famous people fell into through that time. Other examples include Adele’s weight loss transformation as well.

How Did Paul Giamatti Lose Weight?

You can never go wrong with the right diet accompanied by an extensive exercise regime.

Paul Giamatti basically followed these golden rules. By cutting down on fast foods and sugary drinks, Giamatti said that he simply replaced them with healthier choices.

As for his workout routine, Giamatti shared that he carried out the following activities to lose around 15 pounds in just a year:

  • Attending online yoga sessions
  • Morning treadmill walks for at least 15 to 20 minutes
  • Weight lifting
  • Sticking to at-home workout exercises

Why Did Paul Giamatti Lose Weight?

Due to the Covid scare, Paul Giamatti stated that he felt the need to build up his immunity and feel better about his health—especially after he hit the 50-years-old mark.

The results were worth it, too! Giamatti mentioned that he’s more physically and emotionally fit now that he’s lost weight.

Fun fact: Giamatti only shaved his beard as he wanted to see if the weight loss made his appearance any different as well.


Paul Giamatti’s weight loss happened quite suddenly and as such, it’s only reasonable that fans immediately questioned if the actor had fallen ill or worse.

Luckily, and despite the fact that Giamatti hadn’t explicitly confirmed it, the beloved star simply choose to start a healthier life now that he’s in his fifties. I think we can all learn a lesson from that!

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