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Minding the Rainbow Business: 5 Companies You Need to Know

by Louise W. Rice

Belonging to a community is a great feeling, and supporting one to grow is an even greater feeling. When the movements like “buy black” started to blow up, communities such as the LGBTQ+ also created their own brands. Businesses created by or for the LGBTQ+ community are gaining traction and are proving to be successful.

Have you ever considered any trans-owned businesses or queer-owned businesses in your local area? Let’s look at some of these making a difference in the world.

1. Artifex Detroit

In a world clamoring to make sustainable and green businesses, Artifex is one of the businesses that is looking to repurpose junkyard upholstery and seat belts to create belts, bags, and cuffs. By using their business, they get to keep durable materials out of landfills. They recycle these materials and create streams of income while ensuring their customers look they’re very best.

Building a sustainable business that helps reduce the amount of junk is a noble cause. It’s a small contribution that the LGBTQ community is making towards making the planet a little more habitable for future generations. Artifex Detroit’s work is not just a fashion line; it is a meaningful contribution toward fighting the menace of garbage in the United States. As one of the LGBTQ stores in Detroit, Artifex is a pioneer that is setting the standards in cool accessories made by women in the spectrum. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

If you’re looking to save the planet while looking good, you can’t possibly go wrong with Artifex.

2. Kirrin Finch

kirrin finch

Sustainable fashion is a trend at the moment, but it all seems to be for gender-specific people. Founded by Laura Moffat and Kelly Sanders, Moffat is the Brooklyn-based couple who founded Kirrin Finch. It is one of the few gay clothing brands. This brand draws inspiration from menswear to create clothes that female and non-binary people can enjoy.

This eliminated the disappointment women, and non-binary people feel when they want some button-up shirts. Still, the ones in the men’s section don’t fit. Kirrin Finch is one of the few androgynous clothing lines that are queer-owned businesses. They provide female and non-binary people with clothes they are comfortable and confident in. Laura and Kelly describe having a hard time finding a great suit for their wedding, and they knew others had the same experience.

Unlike most clothing brands, Kirrin Finch offers a very accurate measurement chart, so you don’t have to stress about shopping online. What’s more, you can never go wrong with a Kirrin Finch outfit. They offer style and comfort of the highest quality yet.

Having pointed out a problem, they decided to make a solution. Today, their clothing store dresses women from across the country and the globe. To prevent contributing to the pollution caused by the fashion industry, Kirrin Finch contracts companies that only utilize fair labor and ethical manufacturing practices.

3. Taimi

Finding love is quite a task, especially in an era where people lack physical and social skills. Taimi is one of the biggest, if not the biggest gay dating app. This awesome app is all about inclusion and finding your soulmate wherever they may be in the world. The app is home to over eleven million members, with 300,000 being from the United States. They are looking for love, a dating experience, or friends for a safe space to share and interact. The app has been downloaded by over 5 million people on Google Play, and it has a 4.4 rating.

The app offers quite a lot of freebies for its members, including the option to live stream and social networking. Even if you are on a free subscription, you can still enjoy the full functionality of the site. In case you’re looking for more adventure, there are more features that they can enjoy at a fee. To use the app, you’re going to need to register an account first.

You have the option to sign up via Google, Facebook, Email, or Snapchat. Once you get in, you can watch the tutorial, but it’s pretty easy, kind of like Tinder. You then get to complete your profile so you can describe yourself and what you are looking for. You can enjoy a seven-day free trial if you want to try the Taimi XL, after which you will be required to pay $4.99 every week.

With a subscription, you have the option to increase your search scope, look into your likes and like more profiles, know who visited your profiles, and so much more. The app does not just offer a chance to find love, you can also make great friends. It’s compatible with Android and iOS.

4. Brujas – Bronx, New York

Policies are the backbone of any change. Educating the masses is an important part of creating positive policies through youth culture. Brujas is an organization run by femme-identified people that grows activism using skateboarding art. Brujas means witches in Spanish, and the name was derived from a popular 90’s video game known as Skate Witches.

The skating collective was founded by Ariana Gil, Sheyla Grullon, and others with the aim of providing a safe space for female skaters to meet. Through their platform, they are able to build communities and question the gentrification of neighborhoods. They have supported political activism causes and were even invited to partake as organizers in Scamming the Patriarchy summit at the New Museum in New York.

Brujas create and sell skating merchandise to support their cause and are active in donating to inclusive skating events and community meetings on anti-gentrification. They have raised funds to create a skating line on Kick-starter and were also part of the New York Fashion Week. It is notable in the New York skating and activism scenes.

5. Noto Botanics

Looking good makes you feel good, and for the LGBTQ+ community, they can be hard to find since most of them are either for males or females. Noto Botanics is a company that offers inclusive skincare options for everyone. Their products are made from all-natural and holistic ingredients. Their products are handmade for a more caring and at-home feeling.

Their self-care products aim to moisturize, condition, and heal skin despite their sexual orientation or color or skin color. One of their most popular products is their essentials bag, which includes an all-inclusive routine package. They include an exfoliant, a gentle wash, and a hydrating serum. They are packaged in a reusable tote that you can carry with you when running errands.

Noto Botanics use glass or upcycled plastic so that they can help reduce the amount of plastic waste in the world. The packaging is also well designed and is biodegradable, so you don’t have to worry about disposal.


When looking forward to buying something, there are definitely some LGBTQ businesses to support around your community. Most of the time, these businesses help someone get their lives together and support a movement. Most of these businesses are also charity-driven, and they help support different causes that support the LGBTQ community. From educational causes to legal fees and even health-related ones, your purchase could go a long way in growing a business or changing someone’s life for the better.

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