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Loveliest Towns in British Columbia to Spend Your Retirement

by Louise W. Rice

Retirement is something that’s on the back of everyone’s minds while they do their nine to five jobs. But, unfortunately, it can be hard to decide where you’ll end up when you retire, so it’s important to try to think about this as early as possible.

Whether you’re retiring in thirty years or three, these are the top towns and cities to spend your retirement in!

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver may not seem like an obvious choice if you aren’t from the area, but the city’s west side overlooks the water is the perfect place to retire.  Not only is West Vancouver incredibly walkable and comfortable to explore, but the views can’t be beaten.

You can enjoy your mornings walking alongside the water and breathing in the fresh air as the city starts to wake up, and still keep your vitality by going deeper into the city for some excitement and fun whenever you want it.  Although Vancouver homes for sale are the most expensive on this list, it’s worth it for everything that comes with it.


If you want to feel young forever, without having to vanish into a busy and overpriced city, Victoria is the place for this.  This gorgeous small city feels like a piece of Seattle broke off and drifted away.

Not only is the community incredibly artistic and creative, but the locals are friendly, the endless water views are gorgeous, and the winters are warm enough that they’re comfortable for everyone.  The best part of Victoria is that it’s just a short drive to stunning deep forests and endless activities, so you don’t have to worry about feeling cut off from the world.


When thinking of Whistler, most people think of its incredibly busy and loud ski season that lasts for four to six months every year. However, outside of the fun that can be found in that: this is a great retirement town because of how quiet and idyllic it is in the summer.

When the snow melts away, and the mountains turn green with life, you can enjoy a very comfortable summer and spring, getting to benefit from the walkable communities, friendly locals, and gorgeous views.  Not only is this one of the most beautiful cities in the country, but it’s also diverse, so you can continue meeting new people and learning about the world as you live here.


Sidney can surprise anyone, and it’s proud to!  This town is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2022 and has spent the last seventy years perfecting its comfortable, easy-going lifestyle.  Not only are the homes more affordable than Vancouver, but you also have amazing views and plenty of people to befriend and learn about.

Known as the gateway to Vancouver Island, you’re just a short drive or ferry ride away from the city, so you don’t have to feel cut off from the big city living altogether.  This area is known for serene winters and incredible summers, so if you don’t move, you’re missing out!

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