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Live Online Gaming: Pros & Cons

by Louise W. Rice

Also known as internet or virtual casinos, online live casinos are virtual versions of “brick and mortar” casinos. A prolific form of internet gambling, virtual casinos provide a payback proportion that is a tad higher than traditional casinos.

Online casinos might sound very interesting. But the popularity of online casinos was for all the wrong reasons. Security concerns, uneven payouts, lack of jurisdiction, etc., were plaguing the online casino scene. 

However, with changing times and the advancement in technology, every online casino with no Swedish license provides the feature of live gambling. The players can indulge in a variety of table games. The ease of accessing these from the comfort of your homes and compatibility with a range of hand-held devices were the key factors that heightened the popularity of these online casinos.

The emergence of the live casino scene, with live dealers and real players across the table, is a thrill that further increased the popularity of the gambling scene. When it comes to Live Casinos, here are the pros and cons:

Pros of Gambling with Croupiers

Real-time deals

These online live casinos provide the users with the experience to deal in real-time with a real dealer. The setting of the game is very authentic, where the player is able to view the gaming procedure as they would at a traditional casino. 

Table games like Blackjack, Craps, Poker can be easily played in real-time. The players can decode the dealer’s actions and play the game accordingly. The dealers at these live casinos are trained professionally, as much as the traditional-casino dealers. 


“Voluntary” or “self-exclusion” policy is enacted on most of the online live casinos. As problematic gambling is an issue, the inclusion of responsible gambling features under which voluntary exclusion is a tool that helps a player control the gambling addiction and other tools like deposit policy, minor policy, filtering systems, and much more. 

Most of these online casinos are registered under Gambling Commission, BeGambleAware.org, Responsible Gaming Foundation, and so on.


One of the most appealing things in live casinos is being fair and square in the deals. There is no Random Number Generator, and the outcomes of the games depend on the actual dealer. 

Like traditional casinos, every move and outcome is right in front of the player, without the possibility of any foul play. The RNG system ensures fairness while playing other casino games such as slots, Bingo, and Card games.

Cons of Gambling with Croupiers

Games are Slow

Live casinos can be really slow because of the following reasons:

  • Games can be delayed as the other participant in a Live room might take time to get onboarded.
  • The Internet connection can ruin the live casino if it is not strong enough.

Different Setting

It is true that live casinos try to give the feel of traditional casinos. However, some players would instead visit a land-based casino for the thrill which it offers. Most conventional casinos provide extra services like restaurants, karaoke, and so on, which the live casinos obviously lack. 

It is true that what the traditional casinos can offer with their decor, machines, and tables, the live excitement casinos are unable to deliver.

Technical Issues

It is true that with technology, live casinos have been flourishing over and beyond expectations. However, technical snags can play a spoilt sport. The players might face issues due to the internet connection. If this is the scenario, then the games will continue with other players in real-time, and the bet placed will be settled accordingly. 

Whenever the connectivity is restored, if the player has won money, then the same shall reflect in the casino account. If the bet is not placed first, then the game will continue by assuming that no bets were placed at all. If the connectivity issue is from the live casino, all of the chances are usually refunded.  

Some casino applications are often bugged and unstable, leading to unplanned disruptions. Casinos usually have well-laid clauses stating that the player’s money could be entirely forfeited if the connection is lost or technical issues show up. Therefore, it is the player’s responsibility to read the terms and figure out a casino that offers fair play in such cases.


We cannot deny the fact that live casinos are very appealing to a lot of players. According to the UKGC, i.e., the UK Gambling Commission, online gambling holds a large percentage of 38.60% in the overall gambling community, not to mention that large stock of casinos with offshore licenses from Malta, Curacao Gibraltar, etc. 

Regardless of the location, the player can experience real-time deals with real dealers. Before playing, a player should go over the following:

  • Betting laws to see if it is legal in the region where the player is staying,
  • Terms and conditions during the choosing of a casino, 
  • What kind of promotional bonuses does the casino offer.
  • Checking out the reviews to figure out the list of reliable software providers that offer its games. Such as Microgaming, Playtech, Azumi, etc.
  • Payment and withdrawal schemes and wagering needs are associated with the earnings.
  • The availability of reliable customer support and steps they take to enforce responsible gambling.

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