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Learn How to Gamble Online Safely

by Louise W. Rice

Any Google search will show you there is no shortage of options for gambling online. However, you’ll only need common sense to tell you that some of those options are better than others and that some are likely to be a very bad idea indeed. The problem here is that you don’t know which are which, and you’d rather not find out the hard way.

So the options then are to either do nothing at all (which gets you nowhere) or to do a little research to find out how you can help to keep yourself safe online. There are plenty of things to learn, but foremost among them is finding the right place to play slots and table games or bet on your favorite sports. With that in mind, here is a checklist of things you need to look for:

Check for online security

When you arrive at a site you think will be a contender, you need to make sure that the site is secure and ‘legit’ by checking they are licensed to operate in your country or state, and that they have encryption in place for online transactions and to keep your data safe. Look for signs like the padlock symbol in the address bar, and have a read through the T&Cs to see what other measures are in place.

Check the online reviews

Your education in gambling online safely will start by finding out what other people know. This should not just be limited to some hysterical feedback from a single user who didn’t get the results they wanted, but you’ll need to look at a number of sources to get the big picture. There are many types of reviews for gambling sites online, and many will include an overview of what is on offer rather than you having to piece it all together yourself.

Check for account security

The best online casinos will need to verify who you are before you can get started, so expect to have to provide some personal details to confirm it is you. This will certainly have to take place before you try and withdraw any money, which makes sense as you wouldn’t want anybody but you to get hold of any money that you had won.

Check for user protection

This doesn’t just mean account security but also includes what measures the online casino has in place to help you stop things from getting out of control. This will be things like a responsible gambling policy (known in other places around the world as Gamble Aware), so you can set limits on the amount you deposit and the amount of time you spend on the site. You will probably never need them, but it’s good to know they are in place.

Final thoughts

Gambling online can be enjoyable, but for many people, it just seems daunting, not knowing who they can trust. However, by checking some simple things online, and relying on the experience of others (who probably know more about it than you) then you can learn how to gamble online safely.

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