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Is Destiny 2 Still Good In 2022?

by Louise W. Rice

Destiny 2 is one of the most elegant multiplayer games out there. Still, for some time now, it has been feeling the developers drag as they might be unable to develop more content for the game due to some understandable issues. The game has been around and kicking since 2017, with multiple expansions rolling out every quarter bringing new quests, challenges, and improved game mechanics to the players.

But would Destiny 2 be as relevant as it is today in 2022 as we are right there at the edge of 2021, ready to move into the next year? Now, this is a question that requires some broad research and unraveling the developers’ plans for the game that is what they are thinking and are working on to offer for a new year.

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Confirmed expansions and uncertain ETA

Destiny 2 is a game that gained popularity among multiplayer titles because of the world-class expansions to gamers. Each addition is more thrilling than the last and helps the developers and the game to reel in more players so they can explore what’s new and changed since the last one. It has proved to be a very healthy and financially sound exercise for Bungie Studios, the developers behind Destiny 2.

Given all the hype built around this game, Bungie has gone on a hiring spree and is tripling its campus size and resources to develop better expansions and content for the game. This has put a minor dent into the timelines, which were confirmed for various new additions in development. This has pushed the ETA of these approved expansions to a later date.

Beyond light is the latest expansion from Destiny 2, having debuted in December with the promise of the witch queen, another expansion to hit in early February 2022. But that won’t be happening because Bungie is busy expanding its operation, and some of these expansion projects will definitely be delayed.

Even with such a careless delay for an expansion that was previously confirmed to hit at a certain date, Destiny 2 has done marvelously for 2021 and shows enormous promise as we enter 2022. According to Destiny 2 statistics, 20 million new players have been admitted to the game because of the recent expansion which the game presented. So, what is it that Destiny 2 is doing so well, keeping the game current and a favorite of people moving into a new year?

Bungie has figured out how to produce exceptional seasonal content

Bungie Studios has provided Destiny fans with the most riveting seasonal content with the primary focus on storytelling and character development, just the way fans like it. The overall cut scenes and in-game moments are more realistic than ever before, with multiple voice artists handling various characters’ roles, giving the game a more lifelike feel. Bungie studios have created a perfect overlay for storytelling and character development. Each expansion brings something from the last one and adds it to the one about to come after it. This confirms how tactile and focused storytelling is in Destiny 2 and what it holds for the future.

Loot has been reassessed by Bungie

It is unlikely that looting on its own was a flawed concept or something, but a dedicated type of looting that existed in the game by the name of sunsetting loot has now been discarded. It was a concept that was not well received by the fans, which is why Bungie let it go completely. The loot concept has been completely revolutionized, and you can keep what you have looted with no strings attached.

Since then, Bungie has developed a whole new deal of weaponry, exciting resources that can help you build your character over time, making it more potent than ever, and looking for rare items that give particular regard to who he finds it completing quests and collecting loot.

This specific concept keeps players hooked to their screens, looking for new gear that has been scattered throughout the expansion of Destiny 2. New weapons have become a thing in the Destiny 2 universe as more and more are being added into the sub-class of weaponry, which clears one thing for sure that the future of Destiny 2 is bright enough in that section. This is something to look forward to especially starting the game on New Year.

PvP is finally getting its voice heard in Destiny 2

PvP mode has never been given any direct thought and was presented to the audience as an added feature of whatever expansion was about to be launched. But this year, PvP has not only been given a direct thought from the developers, but a lot of new and exciting stuff has also been introduced to make this whole deal more enchanting for Destiny players. The addition of new maps consecutively and submitting mods for PvP setup in Destiny 2 has become the talk of the town reeling in new players and entries even before the beginning of 2022.

Free to play content available for all

Who knows what the financial strategy of the multiplayer games will be in 2022, but one thing is sure that microtransactions are becoming more apparent. There is the talk of selling individual aspects of the game according to the buyer’s purchasing power.

So, one can assume that the situation will get pretty obnoxious with gamers having to pay for each and everything in a game. But Destiny 2 will be free to play for all, at least some of its content for that matter. This is a pretty neat thing regarding the game, making it more appealing for gamers of every class but especially the budget gamers.

Cross-play is active and kicking

Every year, gamers look forward to developers keeping up some of the promises they have made with the fans, and more times than not, it ends up disappointing the fans. But Density 2 will deliver on its promises, and some of them are being fulfilled as we speak. Cross-play has been enabled for Destiny 2, which means players from different areas, i.e., PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, would be able to connect with each other and play the game together.

Final Thoughts

Given all the excellent additions that are being added to the game and a promise of many expansions coming, too, Destiny 2 is here to stay. May it be 2022 or a year after it? By the looks of it, Destiny 2 will remain green for many years if it continues to keep content fresh and exciting for gamers.

Featured image source: Bungie

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