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How To Use Heat Styling Without Damaging Your Hair

by Louise W. Rice

Heat styling tools are great. They allow you to make your hair in every way you want it. You want your straight hair to be curly? You got it! Do you want to go the other way around? No problem! By using them, we can create fabulous looks for every occasion. However, using them regularly may lead to extensive damages that are hard to fix, even with the best pair of hair scissors. We bet that the last thing you want to do is to burn your hair.

Fortunately, here, you can find helpful tips on how to use heat styling tools correctly and how to protect your precious hair. Keep reading and find out why you should use masks and heat protectants, how to adjust the temperature, why you should not section your hair when blow-drying, and many more!

Use Heat Protectants

This is the most important tip you should follow when using styling tools. When heat styling your hair, you run the risk of having it damaged from the inside. This can cause many problems to your hair, especially when you don’t use a heat protectant before applying heat!

Heat protectants are products containing ingredients that reduce the amount of damage by heat styling tools and make your hair more resistant to damage. They are easy to apply, and their effects are visible almost instantly. All you need to do is apply the serum or cream on dry hair and let it sit for a couple of minutes before styling as usual. This way, you will prevent your hair from getting damaged.

If you want to achieve the best results and you know you use heat styling tools very often, you need to invest in a high-quality heat protectant. A good serum or spray will work, but if you want to have more thorough protection, you might want to try a cream-based one.

Adjust the Temperature

Heating your hair with a too-high temperature can damage it and dry it out. To avoid this, you should adjust the temperature depending on your hair type. If you have too thick curly hair, you should set the heat setting at its lowest point and trim it properly with hair cutting shears. If you have thin hair, the chances are that using the highest setting is a better choice for your hair type.

How to adjust the temperature? If you have thin hair, you should use the highest setting. However, if you have thick hair, use the lowest setting possible. Another tip is to section your hair when blow-drying. This means that if you are trying to style your whole head of hair, start from the back and move forward until you cover the entire length of your hair.

This will help you to avoid overheating one section while leaving another under-heated. That way, you will avoid damaging your hair and having a better result after styling.

Don’t Overuse Heat Styling Tools

The longer you leave your hair under heat styling tools, the more damage your hair will receive. Also, if you use them too often, your hair will be in constant contact with heat which can cause severe damages over time. You should try not to keep your hair under the heat tool for too long and go for the best results without damaging it too much!

If you want to achieve a great look, you need to use heat styling tools regularly. But using them too often can be harmful to your hair and cause it to get damaged faster than usual. If you want to avoid this, try not to use them too often. For example, you may be tempted to straighten your hair every day. However, you shouldn’t use a hair straightener on a daily basis. Otherwise, you’ll damage your hair, and even the best heat protectant, masks, and conditioners won’t help you.

Don’t Section Your Hair When Blow-Drying

Blow-drying is an essential part of any hairstyle because it helps us dry our hair quickly without causing too much damage. However, when blow-drying, there are some things we should not do if we want to have healthy and fabulous hair!

The most important rule is that you should never section your hair when blow-drying it! Do not divide it into parts because doing so can cause uneven blow-drying and hot spots on our hair, leading to damage over time. Many people forget about it and wonder why their hair looks so dry. Hopefully, you’ll remember this tip and adhere to it from now on.

Combine Heat Styling And Deep Conditioning

Our hair becomes more prone to damage due to dryness and other factors that are hard to avoid when blow-drying and styling it with different heat styling tools such as straighteners and curling irons. Therefore, deep conditioning is something we must do regularly so that our hair doesn’t suffer from all these atrocities over time!

Deep conditioning is essential for maintaining healthy and gorgeous-looking hair, but you need to know how to do it right. First, leave your product on for at least 15 minutes so that its effects are visible instantly. Then, make sure to rinse it off properly so that no residue stays on your hair. Additionally, it is recommended to apply a deep conditioner once per week. Finally, don’t forget about protein treatment! Protein treatments are great for strengthening fragile strands, and they are also great for preventing split ends.

The Bottom Line

Your hair plays a huge role in your appearance and how people perceive you. That’s why both men and women pay attention to their hair, often using heat styling tools on a daily basis. However, they risk damaging it without proper care.

Now you know what it takes to protect your hair from heat damage. Try to implement at least some of these tips to your daily hair routine, and enjoy having strong and healthy locks regardless of the season!

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