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How to Overcome Teenage Shyness

by Louise W. Rice

Nobody is born with a need or a desire to be shy; it’s something we’re born with, yet it’s something that can completely hold us back. It can prevent us from exploring new things and also stop us from meeting new people.

The mental challenge of overcoming shyness can leave individuals feeling lost, confused, and frustrating and influence their personal lives, including missing every shot at finding a partner and don’t even have the spirit to text a likable person at online dating sites. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We have created some useful tips, helping Australian teens to overcome shyness.

Change Your Self-Esteem 

Self-esteem has a huge impact on a number of areas of our lives, especially in the teenage years. It influences what we think about ourselves and how we view social interactions. It can leave us worried about making mistakes and can also leave us believing that we’re constantly being judged.

However, take a positive approach and change your self-esteem mindset, and you’ll feel better. This means to stop worrying about what others think and to not worry about making mistakes. Make the right change, and you’ll feel more positive about interacting with others.

Start Meeting People

Some people believe that taking the sink-or-swim approach to shyness can work. Therefore, forcing yourself into situations you avoid can help. If you’re feeling anxious about meeting people in person, then checking out the reviews and picking up the top dating sites for teenagers can help. These will enable you to interact with other folks in Australia or beyond, chat in a comfortable environment and take control. Over time, you’ll feel comfortable about meeting people, and your shyness will eventually disappear.

Try Mindfulness

Teenagers should learn about mindfulness – a practice for caring about living and focusing on the present. Therefore, when you feel shyness coming over you, find things around you that can shift your focus. This can include people and things, and then be aware of sounds and smells around you. With a deep breath and a slow exhale, you’ll soon realize that everything will be ok.

Believe in Yourself

Shyness can cause you to doubt yourself and lack self-belief. When you find yourself in social situations, you’ll start constantly questioning everything you do. Did I say the right thing? Should I talk more? Did I talk too much? How do I start a conversation? Are people interested in anything I say? You don’t have to run through these lists of questions each time you put yourself in a social situation. Instead, focus on your intuition and say what’s on your mind.

Consider Your Strengths

Everyone has certain strengths, so perhaps you should think about your interests and what you’re good at. Try and meet people who share your interests, as this will make communicating and connecting even easier. Also, remember you’ve got weaknesses and accept that this is normal. When you discuss a topic you’re interested in, your confidence will grow.

Ease the Pressure on Yourself

Don’t keep telling yourself that people are focusing on you. In fact, most people simply focus on what they’re doing. So, overcome shyness by motivating yourself to focus on why you find yourself in that situation. Are you there to meet someone? Are you attempting to find new customers? Are you learning something new? Whatever the reason might be, focus on the reasons for doing it and your intentions, and you’ll feel at ease.

Shyness doesn’t have to be something that controls every area of your life. It can feel debilitating to be controlled by shyness and an inability to engage in social situations. However, overcoming the challenges you face as an Australian teenager doesn’t have to be something you simply avoid. Take the steps we have identified above and discover a million reasons why putting yourself in social situations can actually be a good thing.

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