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How to Dress for a Winter Weekend Get-Away

by Louise W. Rice

Winter offers so much to look forward to — warm cocoa, crackling fires, watching the cold snow fall outside through the warmth of your living room while wrapped in your softest blanket. Not only is winter picturesque, but cooler weather offers health benefits, too, like helping to boost the immune system, improve brain function and encourage a better night’s sleep.

For those of us who get a true winter every year, we must lavish in the luxuries of the season because we also know the mishaps that come with it. (Think: digging your car out of a snowbank on a Monday morning while you’re late for work …) But those moments are far and few between and it’s well worth it when waking up to freshly fallen snow. For those who don’t have the snowy months year-round, there is absolutely nothing better than planning a special winter weekend getaway to experience a true winter’s day in all its snowy glory.

To get the most out of your wintry getaway, it’s imperative you think ahead and pack strategically. There is nothing worse than arriving somewhere without the right gear. Imagine spending a week at the beach without a swimsuit or sunscreen! A catastrophe! Chilly trips require the same amount of intention and foresight as their summer counterparts. So grab your wool socks, your knit hats, your best long sleeve hooded shirt and a pair of snow pants … Here are our best tips for what to wear on your winter weekend get-away!

pack strategically

What Kind of Vacation Is It?

There are a few ways to plan for a chilly excursion out of town. Maybe you’re into adventure and want to take up skiing or snowboarding or, if you’re feeling even more daring, there are loads of obscure snow sports to try like dog sledding or under-ice diving. Or perhaps you’re looking for a relaxing vacation spent in a cozy cabin with something warm and festive to sip on (think hot toddy or gingerbread eggnog). Whatever your flavor, you’ve got to be sure you’re dressed the part.

Ready for Adventure

If you like to stay active while on vacation, winter excursions are great because ice and snow make for great sport. But, fun as they are, snow and ice can also be dangerous. In order to enjoy the season — and stay safe — there are a few packing essentials you must consider.

ready for adventure

1. Gear up!

To safeguard yourself outdoors, you’ve got to pack the right protective gear. Snow goggles, for example, keep you safe from UV and UVB rays. They reduce glare so you can glide downhill with fewer distractions, they protect your eyes from stray branches, and they help keep your face warm. Skiers and snowboarders often invest in knee and elbow pads or back-protecting harnesses, too, to ensure safety on the slopes.

2. Stay warm!

Injuries caused by the cold are real and worth being aware of. If the body temperature becomes too low, hypothermia or frostbite might occur. It goes without saying that gloves, thick socks and hats are a must — but we must keep more than our limbs nice and toasty. Consider high-waisted leggings paired with full-coverage tall tees to ensure your midsection stays warm and protected.

3. Stay dry!

We know that snow melts. This goes without saying. But if you’re covered in it all day outside, where it’s cold, the snow will stay … snow. So, there’s no problem, really, and you’re not thinking about it. But consider this: If you’re dusted in powder from head to toe and pop into a warm restaurant for a snack or a drink — that snow will melt. And you will get wet. Best to invest in a pair of waterproof snow pants and a snow jacket that will wick moisture from the body so you stay dry and can enjoy your meal in dry, peaceful bliss.

 Ready to Relax

When it comes to vacation, relaxation is key. And the best way to relax? Grab the comfiest clothes you can find and never take them off. 

4. Choose clothes that work with you, not against you!

Temperature control is everything when on vacation. If you’re too hot or cold, you won’t be able to truly let go and have a good time. The key to getting the most from your vacation is to pack clothing that accommodates what you’re doing and how you’re feeling. A classic long sleeve for men or a thermal long sleeve for women is always a safe bet. Whether you go with a lightweight crew neck or a cozy pullover sweatshirt, you know you’ll stay warm because you’re completely covered in soft fabric — but you won’t overheat. And you can easily roll your sleeves to make dinner or build a fire.

In contrast, if all you pack are thick, wool sweaters … you’ll look incredible; that’s obvious. But you’ll spend your trip sweating bullets or, worse, pulling your sweater off and on all night to manage your internal temp. It’s not worth the struggle! Instead, go with something simple and lightweight that will work with you, not against you.

5. Layers, layers, layers!

If long-sleeve tees don’t pack enough punch alone, layer it up, baby! All you need to do is throw your favorite cardigan or zip-up hoodie into your suitcase before you hit the road. These items are great because you can always tie them around your waist if you get too warm. But, like a good friend, they are right there when you need them most.

A great perk of a winter vacation is that your fashion accessories are also useful tools. Wear a colorful shawl as a cute accent piece — tie it around your neck or your waist as part of your outfit during the day and use it as a blanket later that evening. Leg warmers pair perfectly with fitted yoga pants, offering a splash of style and heat for those calves. Truly, you cannot go wrong with accessories that meet both form and function.

Ready for Anything

In the end, the best vacation is the one you enjoy. Whether you spend your days’ tubing through an icy tundra or relaxing in a hot tub with a glass of champagne, as long as you’re having a good time, you’ve done it right. Just make sure you keep an open mind, take a few deep breaths and pack the right outfits. You’ll be sure to have the time of your life.

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