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3 Tips on How to Get Laid Tonight

by Louise W. Rice

Every single man since the Dawn of Time has wanted to learn how to get laid as soon as possible. The cultures might differ, the customs may vary, but at the end of the day, all lads want the same thing — they want to stick a thing in a thing and call it a night.

Now, you’re a modern man with lots of opportunities, but for some reason, you have trouble finding that one girl that makes you feel excited. Try as you might, you can’t get some, mainly because you have no idea how to. So, is there a comprehensive guide out there for dating women and getting some action?

The answer to that last question is an obvious, loud No. If there were a guide like that, there wouldn’t be almost 50% of single men in the US alone. However, there are a few tips and tricks you can learn that will definitely help you get close to a few ladies, and all it takes is a bit of trial and error.

What are those tips and tricks on how to get laid? Let’s dig in and find out.

How to Get Laid: The Common Layout

Fellow men, you know what you want, right? Do you want a lot of easy sex with no strings attached? Maybe you want a series of one-night stands and bragging rights among your peers?

Let’s face it, no real man acts like that. Competing for senseless one-time mates is something that teenagers and desperate old wankers do. It makes me think of 50-year-old pudgy used car salesmen with dyed hair and a midlife crisis who keep talking up how the number of chicks they banged exceeds three digits. It’s just not a healthy way of approaching women, even if you do want nothing but a little fun.

Personally, I tend to use a particular blueprint, a layout of sorts, for dating. And that layout consists of three major elements:

1. Meet the woman
2. Sleep with the woman
3. Maintain a relationship with the woman

Every single one of these elements is equally important. And there’s no need to ask ‘why,’ I’m about to lay it all out.

Why Is Meeting Her Important?

Unless you are both drunk and drugged out of your mind, you won’t end up sleeping with a woman unless you get to know her first. And even then, I doubt you’d remember the night, considering you have that massive headache and that huge pile of what used to be your lunch all over your shirt.

Meeting the woman, striking up a conversation, and getting her interested is crucial to any type of relationship, even if it’s just a one-night stand.

Why Is Sleeping With Her Important?

Aside from some obvious health benefits, sex is one of the main factors in maintaining a good relationship with a woman. It’s by far the most intimate way of showing affection to her, and woe is he who rejects a woman’s earnest desire for intimacy.

Why Is Maintaining a Relationship With Her Important?

Before I move on with this point, I do have to stress one thing. The term ‘relationship’ doesn’t necessarily refer to dating. Really, I’m talking about any and all types of relationships you might have with the lady you’ve slept with. Is she a friend of yours, a colleague from work, a potential romantic partner, a former romantic partner, or maybe someone who’s moving on with her life without you?

I’ll give you one example. Let’s say that a friend of yours craves attention and that you having sex with her would lift her spirits. The last thing you want to do after the act is to leave her high and dry, or to act awkwardly later. Instead, try to maintain the friendship and discuss everything openly; what you gain from that simple gesture might surprise you.

OK, I went on long enough about the dating layout. You’re here to learn how to get some action, so let’s go into the preparation phase. Before you move onto the steps themselves, you’ll need to learn how to set the groundwork.

How to Get Laid: Setting the Stage for Success

One thing is true — not all women have the same standards for men. Some sources have tried to find an answer to the dreaded ‘what women want’ question, but so far there is no answer. After all, the ladies are just like the gentlemen; they have a varied palette of opinions, wants, needs, and desires.

However, a few patterns do emerge, and they emerge often enough for men not to ignore them. So, if you want to attract a woman, chances are high you will do it if you:

• Look good
• Smell good
• Behave naturally
• Have an air of confidence and assertiveness around you

Taking care of yourself is important, so make sure to do some grooming and fine dressing. Websites like the excellent Art of Manliness can help you with a few fashion and grooming tips that can make you stand out. And being someone who tops the social totem pole also helps. You’re showing the woman that you’re confident, competent, and ambitious, and very few ladies out there will not appreciate you for these traits.

How To Get Laid: The Tips

1. Meeting the Girl

Approaching the woman the right way is the most crucial step towards getting some action. You’re not exactly going to approach her with ‘lemme get up in them guts’ or ‘hey, baby’. But what would be the best approach, and what does it depend on?

Well, it all comes down to the location. For example, if you were to approach a woman in a nightclub or a bar, you might start off with a compliment or a witty joke. Sometimes, even a simple and confident ‘Hi there’ will work. Also, try to say something that will spark up a conversation, like the examples listed below:

• This DJ really knows his stuff, huh?
• Oh, is that a gin and tonic? You look more like a vodka girl to me.
• That is an amazing dress! It suits you so well.
• Did I just walk into a church? Because seeing you, here, now, I feel blessed.

Observation is a strong tool in your arsenal, so make sure to spot any and all details you can in order to keep the conversation going.

Other Dating Venues

Of course, night clubs are not the only places for finding a potential date. You can just as easily approach a woman during the daytime, e.g. in a shopping mall or at a coffee shop. It takes just a little bit of courage — approach her, talk to her, ask for her number, and meet up later.

There are also ‘digital dating venues’, a.k.a. dating apps. They are quite a lucrative business venture, and almost 40% of couples today reported meeting their partner online. The opening line is just as important when you start chatting with a girl using one of these apps, but you need to set up an excellent profile page first.

Finally, there’s the option of your friends and family setting you up with someone, and that girl might be someone you already know. If you find yourself in this situation, simply treat the woman well and try a typical date with her. Once you spot signs of affection, you can make your move.

2. Sleeping With the Girl

Now we’re getting to the good stuff! You’re about to learn how to get laid once the approach goes well. Get ready, because I’m about to share with you two of the biggest nuggets of wisdom regarding having sex with a woman you like!

Nugget #1: Expect Not to Get Any

Yes, if you want to have sex, you have to be in the mindset of ‘maybe I won’t get laid.’

It might sound like a paradox, but there’s a clear logic behind it. If you’re eager for sex, some of that desperation might show, and women don’t fall for desperate guys. In addition, sometimes the lady is simply not interested in intimacy, even after you’ve done all the right things.

A lot of guys snap here and get angry at the woman, but let’s be clear on one thing. You are not entitled to her time in the sack, nor is she entitled to yours. You both get to choose, and if she chooses not to, that’s the end of that.

Another benefit of not expecting sex is that it feels a dozen times better when you actually do get laid. Getting to that point should be spontaneous and exciting. So, if you don’t expect sex and she surprises you by accepting, you’ll be on top of the world.

Nugget #2: Put the Effort In

So, let’s say that she agreed to sleep with you. When you’re in bed together (or anywhere else), remember that you both need to enjoy the experience. So, here are a few helpful tips:

• Don’t just do the things you like; let her surprise you with something new
• You both need to take charge a few times and try to please one another
• Make sure to be passionate; emotion is an important component of sex
• Pay attention to any signs of discomfort
• If she asks you to stop, stop
• Both foreplay and cuddling afterward are extremely important

3. Staying With the Girl

Dating and relationships are usually the next steps, though some girls do prefer casual sex with no strings attached. Let’s say that you’ve had your fun with several girls, but that one or two kept asking for more. Some time passes, and one of them asks you ‘What are we?’ or some variation thereof. 9 times out of 10, that girl will want a relationship.

How do you respond to this question? Well, it all depends on what you want with this woman.

1. If you want to pursue a relationship, do it.
2. If you have no interest in her, try to turn her down in a civil, adult manner.

How to Get Laid: Conclusion

Knowing how to get laid is hard, even for experienced men who have dated before. Hopefully, this article will help you get started in the dating game and find the woman of your dreams. But before I go, I’d like to leave you with a little list of indicators that the woman is interested in you sexually. They are as follows:

• She maintains constant eye contact with you
• She touches you lightly with her hand
• Your dumb jokes make her giggle
• She’s playing with her hair
• She’s showing interest in your profession, hobbies, interests, etc.

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