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How Long for the Service Intervals for Garage Doors?

by Louise W. Rice

Like all electromechanical devices, automatic garage doors need periodic service and minor repairs regardless of their type and manufacturer. Especially if they are used with an intensive load of closing and opening. Also, in the process of work, unforeseen small problems may occur, which, if not eliminated in time, can lead to serious damage. As a result, this will lead to equipment failure and costly repairs.

Sectional Door Service

To make sure you do not often need the garage door repair Barrie services fixgaragedoors.ca, it is recommended to carry out service maintenance of sectional garage doors at the following time intervals:

  • At least once a year under normal operating conditions.
  • At least once every 3 months if the gate is operated under special conditions. For example, in rooms with high humidity or regions with a harsh climate (high wind loads, negative temperatures for more than 6 months a year). Special operating conditions also include intensive use (more than 5 times a day).

Additionally, it is recommended to carry out maintenance works:

  • after completion of construction work in the room where the gate is installed;
  • three months after installation of the product.

Retractable Gate Service

Technical inspection and maintenance of such doors are carried out following the established list of routine works. It is better to entrust maintenance works to the specialists of the organization that has installed the gate. They know the design of products, as well as the rules of assembly and installation.

The first maintenance should be carried out three months after the installation. Thereafter, at least once a year. Under special operating conditions – at least 1 time in three months. Special operating conditions include:

  • entrances to the territories and parking lots with the intensity of using the gate for more than 30 cycles per day;
  • regions with high wind loads, long periods (more than 6 months) of exposure to negative temperatures.

Maintenance of Roller Shutter Systems

Timely maintenance of the roller shutter system is a prerequisite for ensuring its functionality.

Maintenance and repair of roller shutters must be carried out by specialists using only original spare parts and components.

Service must be carried out at least once a year. If the gate is operated under special conditions (for example, with prolonged exposure to high or low temperatures), then at least once every six months. Also, maintenance should be carried out after the completion of all works if the shutters were installed during the construction or repair of the facility.

Service specialists check the following components and mechanisms:

  • roller shutter;
  • box;
  • guide rails;
  • shaft;
  • canvas suspension;
  • drive unit;
  • rollers;
  • consoles, covers, etc.

The serviceability of access security systems is a guarantee of the safety of property and peace of mind of the owner. Unfortunately, the fittings of even the most reliable doors wear out over time, and electronic components fail. Movable gate mechanisms have become more complex over the years. Any breakdown requires a deep understanding of the specifics of the problem.

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