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How Animated Explainer Videos Boost Your Business

by Louise W. Rice

Many organizations today are boosting their business activities through short animated explainer videos. Using animated videos is a concise, memorable, and quick way to tell your brand’s story. With its straightforward language and simple graphics, enterprises can reach out and engage their audience with them. Animated explainer videos are helpful for any business that wants to attract more customers.

However, you should make sure your video will promote your business and not destroy it. The videos should be informative, engaging, and with a clear message that the audience can quickly consume. Make sure the animations are kept simple so that the viewers can pay more attention to the video’s overall message. Here are some guidelines that will educate you about animated explainer videos.

Uses of Explainer Videos

Businesses find it difficult to express what they do that a potential customer can easily understand. People can easily understand and respond to narratives, primarily which communicate a familiar idea.

Here are some benefits of using explainer videos in your business

Grabs Attention

An average person has a concentration span of eight seconds while using the internet. If the video on your website does not grab their attention in seconds, they may tend to leave and check out something else on a different website. Having a good video will act as an ambassador in keeping a customer’s attention on your website.

An explainer video helps you attract your audience by reaching them wherever they are with videos that grab attention, create awareness, and brings clients to your brand.

Statistically, a well-made explainer video increases conversion rates by 15 to 50 percent. Hence, the longer your clients stay on your site, the more the chances of making a conversion.

More Compelling

According to Spiel, videos are more engaging and easier to follow compared to introductory text and images. You can use an explainer video to explain your products and services to customers and the brand’s mission. The video should provide information and include a CTA that your audience can click on it.

You can easily explain your products, service, or an idea, share information, build understanding, win trust, and inspires your audience to take action. Whether it is your brand, product service, or concept, video helps you communicate all the juicy details to capture your audience.

Widely Shareable than Texts

Videos can help you to make a powerful SEO for your business. Good video content can generate attention from search engines such as Google to your website. It is engaging to your target audience.

You can use it to reflect on your Brand’s Personality and Culture

Your company needs to have a unique personality and culture different from your competitors that will attract more customers. Through explanatory videos, you will engage your audience to have an accurate picture of your company since it is difficult conveying your personality or emotion through text alone. A good video is entertaining and fun, which you can use to reflect on your company’s culture.

A video explainer helps you nurture and support your audience with further information designed to give your customers a fantastic experience with your brand. A business can share information and knowledge to guarantee the best possible experience with your brand through it.

How is an Explainer Video Different from a Branded Video

Branded videos generally consist of videos such as tutorials, internet commercials, and case studies used to engage customers. In most cases, branded videos are not animated. On the other hand, an explainer video is often used to explain complex ideas in a viewer-friendly way.

Explainer videos allow customers to understand better what a company does and why its products or services are essential. Explainer videos perform the vital function of conveying something much more significant through a simple graphical story.

Guidelines to follow when Creating Explainer Videos

You remember the quality of a video is a crucial factor for the success of your video. If you are considering creating a (do-it-yourself) video, you need to consider the following for a quality animated video:

  • Have the video script ready
  • Have the animation’s storyboard ready
  • Look for a powerful animation maker and animate your video
  • Choose a suitable music track to add to your video
  • Narrate your explanation

However, for the best result in having a good video, it may be helpful to use a video producing company.

Generally, you need to create a good explainer video for your audience to understand your company better.

If you want your marketing video to nourish, Spiel advises you to look at the following.

  • Address the audience’s pain at the start of the video using an engaging, direct, and clear voice.
  • Customize your video. It helps create a broad engagement since it creates a solid connection between you and your targeted viewers.
  • Produce a quality video by following the guidelines of making an excellent animated video or working with a video production company.
  • Make your video short but with essential point explanations. You only need around 90 seconds to make a good video. In English, an average person can speak 160 scripted words within one minute. Hence, with 90 seconds or so, you can have 240 words. Check out animation explainers on how to write a good script for your video.
  • You also need to work with a professional video production company such a Spiel, which can help you through the process.

Tell your story like a pro with one of the world’s most versatile and popular media types. The only limit is your imagination. Keep in mind that explainer videos should be designed to grasp your audience’s attention. Successful explainer videos are straight to the point, brief, and have a clear CTA. Following the proper guidelines in creating professional explainer videos, they can significantly boost your business.

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