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Five Safety Tips For Online Dating

by Louise W. Rice

Online dating has become the order of the day for both males and females since the first online dating site has shown up. Dating online is more convenient and easy for all. It takes away the aspect of fear for those who are not bold to confront someone in real life to express his/her interest in the person. Many dating barriers have also been broken with the online dating site as you can search and find partners easily, not minding your sexual or gender orientation.

With the coming to stay and the usefulness of online dating to get a partner, some personalities have also seen it as a means of getting at people. In online dating, if care is not taken, one may be a victim of the bad eggs who are on the online dating platforms for the contrary motive of finding a suitable partner for themselves.

Five safety tips

With this in mind, you need to choose a dating site that cares about the safety of people looking for a date online. One of the popular sites that care about the safety of their users and take appropriate measures to provide safe online dates, as well as constantly check users to exclude fraudsters and fake accounts is Affairdating. Below are some useful and persuasive tips from this site to help everyone stay safe when engaging in online dating.

  1. Have proper knowledge of the online dating site/app: Before signing up on any dating site or app, get adequate information about what the site is all about. This day, there are lots of online dating platforms that are filled with impersonators and fake profiles. To stay safe, read reviews about the online dating platform before creating an account. By researching online and reading reviews like this review on eHarmony features, you can decide which online dating platform to use and increase your chances of finding a compatible partner while staying safe online.
  2. Stay away from suspicious profiles: while on any online dating site/ app, avoid making connections with accounts that look suspicious. Knowing such profiles is that the profile won’t have a complete bio, have one, or unmatched pictures. Aside from that, most of these profiles won’t have their social media account connected to their bio.
  3. Avoid sharing confidential information: do not disclose confidential information to you with anyone online. Some may try to lure you into disclosing. If you perceive that the pressure about your privacy, such as your house address, office details, and bank/debit card details, are getting nonbearing, report such profile and get it blocked.
  4. Don’t be too emotionally attached: getting emotionally attached with someone you met online and having little information can put you at risk. Always act natural while chatting with the person.
  5. Engage in video chat: in online dating, text and voice chat is not enough to guarantee your safety; make a video chat with your match for full assurance.

Other points to note

Having kept to all this on-site, you will want to meet with your match in person to see how things will go on between you. To stay safe with this, there are some tips that you should also follow without relying on what you have had on the online dating platform.

  • For your first date, don’t meet in a secluded place like his/her apartment or hotel. Fix a public place where you know that your safety can be assured for the meeting.
  • Before going for the date, tell someone close to you of the place you are going with full details.
  • While planning to meet with your date, don’t rely on him for your transport expenses. Doing this may put you at risk.
  • Don’t have an excessive drink on your date and do not go with your date to places you’ve never had a prior plan of.

Finding a date online is the easiest way that will give you result in no time. But ensure you stay conscious while doing it to avoid being a victim of circumstances. Always be prepared for anything and stay alert while meeting in person. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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