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Tips For Traveling Around The World On A Budget

by Louise W. Rice

After all the twisting and turning in bed at night, itinerary planning, and money-saving, you’ve finally decided to go on that trip around the world that has been sitting on your Bucket List for years. While your budget might still not be as generous as you would like it to be, you have made peace with it and decided to look for some affordable alternatives to those 5-star hotels you originally had in mind. Kudos!

Here are some useful tips that should help you go on an unforgettable dream trip while on a tight budget.

Keep Your Luggage Close and Your Money In Your Pocket

So you’re ready to meet fellow travelers and befriend the locals, escape the daily stresses or a bad breakup, conquer new lands and engage in fun activities you would not normally embrace back home. The great thing about traveling is that the thrills and adrenaline will start running through your veins the second you reach your first destination. Just make sure your precious bags will be right there, waiting for you at your destination, so you can grab everything you need and start exploring, uninterrupted by custom delays and endless queues at the carrousels.

One excellent way of doing this while also saving money and feeling less constricted while traveling would be to reliable luggage delivery service. Such a service can pick up your bags at a date and time that is most convenient to you, whether it’s right on the day of your flight or a few days earlier, and transfer them to your desired destination right on schedule. Your bulky, heavy bags will be waiting for you at your hotel’s doorstep. Just imagine the kind of peace of mind you should feel, knowing you won’t have to stress out about whether your bags will get lost, stolen, or damaged during transportation.

Plus, you will also get to avoid paying the extra luggage charges while going over the allowed weight limits. Most of these services are extremely affordable, and while you might look at them as an avoidable extra travel expense, they will actually prove to save you thousands in buying a whole new wardrobe, a laptop, or a DSLR camera in case your bags get stolen or lost while traveling along with you.

Choose Affordable Destinations

While this might sound like a no-brainer, the truth is lots of people will get severely discouraged at the thought of having to spend hundreds a week while visiting their favorite countries and destinations. The solution? Instead of worrying that you do not have enough money to go to those luxurious places in your itinerary, focus on finding realistic destinations and activities that would be attainable and within your current budget.

You can still visit fantastic locations around the world without having to book 5-star hotels or visit countries that are particularly known for their high living standards. Places like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Central America, or Thailand are a few good examples of affordable travel destinations with a huge potential of giving you excellent value for the money.

Work Abroad While Traveling

If you are lucky enough to work as a freelancer or if you think you will be able to find a part-time job at one of your destinations, even better. It will help you keep moving and going to new places, while not having to worry about your budget. While finding a temporary job might be a little difficult while traveling, here are a few quick and rather easy ways of making an extra buck while on the go:

  • become a digital nomad, creating content online, doing website design, or some online marketing as part of small projects you can apply for on specialized freelancing platforms
  • monetize your new travel vlog
  • sell your spectacular travel photographs online
  • work in a hostel so you won’t have to pay for your accommodation
  • get a job on a yacht or work for a luxury cruise line and travel to jaw-dropping destinations for several months a year, while having all your travel expenses covered. More often than not, you will get to enjoy a few free weeks while the boat will be docked in an exotic location, giving you enough time to explore everything around.

Chase Every Opportunity

Life is definitely full of surprises, and as long as you are open enough to chase every opportunity coming your way, you should have a great time on your next travels. Look for free and fun activities to fill your days, including walking tours, hiking to gorgeous viewpoints, or shooting some hoops with the locals at the park.

Who knows when you might befriend someone who could help you one way or the other and make your traveling more affordable? Finally, it is important to pay attention to safety when traveling.

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