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4 Significant Effects Of Early Family Experience On Future Relationships

by Louise W. Rice

The environment where we are raised and the upbringing from our parents during our childhood until we reached the adolescent age plays an important role later on in our lives. Almost every behavior we exhibit can be interpreted by tracing back our past, especially our childhood. This is how our early family environment heavily influences our actions during the present and the future. How we handle our dating lives and relationship is also included.

It is somehow difficult to understand how a person ends up in an unhealthy relationship—one that includes abusive treatment, poor communication, and other negative qualities. Various studies have emerged, and experts claimed that early family experience actually affects an individual’s love relationship.

What Could Happen If a Person Has a Negative Early Family Experience?

1. Bad Decision-making Skills

If a child is raised in a disorganized environment with bad parenting, they could develop poor decision-making skills once they are older. This could be problematic once they are already committed to a relationship that requires tough decisions in order to last.

2. Underdeveloped Interpersonal Skills

Studies claim that children who are raised in a good environment with an excellent upbringing from their parents are more unlikely to be involved in an unhealthy love relationship. These children could express their thoughts and ideas better. More importantly, they could assess what they want to get from the latter and tell it upfront to their partners.

3. Poor Mental Health

Early family experience can affect a child’s ability to manage their emotions. This could also lead to high depression levels in the future. Strong mental health is required within a relationship. Otherwise, it could make the latter mishandled and fall apart eventually.

4. Low Sex Drive

Adults who experienced emotional distress during childhood may have less sex drive. While people out there are trying to find hookup partners to satisfy themselves, these types of individuals may feel that they don’t deserve to engage in active sexual activities.

What Should Be Done to Address This?

As a parent or a future one, you don’t want your kids to end up in a relationship built on abuse and negativity. Here are some of the things you can do to ensure that your child receives a good upbringing and to create the best environment possible for them.

Spending Time with Your Kids

Children need love and attention from their parents during their early years. Even though you are busy with work and other life responsibilities, setting time aside to bond with them is one of the ways to ensure that they grow and develop properly. There are studies that proved this simple act provides positive benefits for the child and family in the long run.

Let Your Child Participate in Engaging Yet Rewarding Activities

As you watch over your kids’ growth, you can have them participate in simple and interactive indoor activities. There are many activities you can choose from. You can play some board games, write essays, or even create arts and crafts! Studies suggest that children who grew up in an inviting and positive environment are unlikely to be involved in an unhealthy relationship in the future. This is one of the ways to create this kind of environment for them.

Have a Talk with Your Children amidst Family Problems

Children who come from broken families or those who are experiencing excessive stress due to family conflicts are vulnerable, especially if no one talks about the current situation. A more organized home setup allows children to explore their fullest potential and enable them to make good decisions for their future relationship.

If you and your husband decided not your marriage is not working anymore and about to split up, inform your child the soonest so that they can cope with divorce properly. In a way, they would understand, tell them what’s happening and what is expected with this new chapter of their life.

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