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Basic On-the-Job Injuries That Could Qualify For An Injury Lawsuit

by Louise W. Rice

Most of us have been caught in situations where we were forced to pay for some medical bills incurred within our workplace. From a simple toe accident to broken limbs, employees are often told that they must take care of their accounts and recovery.

However, that is rarely the case when it comes to on-the-job injuries. Injury lawyers themselves recommend people to always ask for the usually free advice of a lawyer after being injured, regardless of the scenario!

This is because they could easily qualify for an injury lawsuit and get both damages rewards and their medical bills paid back!

Here are some of the most common and basic injuries that can result in a profitable injury lawsuit for you!

1. Back/Spine Injury

This type of injury can be caused by something as insignificant as the chair you sit on every day. Suppose the company does not provide you with a proper chair, preferably with lumbar support, and you develop specific back/spine injuries or conditions. In that case, you can sue for personal injury.

Keep in mind that you must show decent proof when making claims like this, such as medical history, illness development, etc.

2. Toxic Exposure

Usually, employees don’t even know they’ve been exposed to toxic materials. Most of the time, they’ve been exposed to asbestos or even mild toxic components.

Nevertheless, toxic exposure can cause long-term organ damage. If you’re not provided with a safety mask or filter when everybody else is, you may want to consult a lawyer even before being exposed to fumes or other compounds.

3. Burns

Depending on the situation, even a poorly placed coffee filter that managed to burn your hand or face can be the base for a lawsuit. 

Everything under the company’s responsibility that manages to injure you can eventually be settled in court.

4. Repetitive Stress Injuries

You read that right! If your job or boss puts you under stress continuously and develops certain conditions, you can sue for repetitive stress injuries.

Stress is one of the most common illnesses globally, and companies should take effective measures to avoid employee stress. If yours does not, you should sue!

5. Loud Noise Exposure

Industrial deafness is no longer a thing of the past and can also come with considerable payouts if taken to court.

If necessary, the employer must take all the required steps to provide its employees with a safe-to-work environment. For example, when a floor requires renovation or repairs, the employer should either set a schedule to never meet, or have the employees work from home, or move them to another location. 

The Bottom Line

Let us take a very simple scenario. A shelf in the office kitchen is not safely secured and one day falls over your toes. Initially, you will be ok saying that no one can be blamed for this. Wrong!

Your employer must ensure your safety and security while you are in the workplace. If you get injured as an indirect result of their negligence, you can prepare for an injury lawsuit!

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