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14 Facts You Didn’t Know About Ring Finger

by Louise W. Rice

Out of the five fingers on each of our hands, the ring finger is the most significant since it is symbolic of many things, the most important of them all being an engagement between two people.

Hence, to make people aware of the many amazing facts that lie behind ring fingers’ history and existence, here is a list of points that most people did not know about.

1. Varying Finger Lengths 

Although this fact sounds obvious, finger lengths show more variation than expected wherein different people have different size differences between their middle fingers, pinkies, or ring fingers. Many people believe that this is simply an indication of in-utero testosterone exposure.

2. Connection to the Heart 

According to Ancient Egyptian mythology, the third finger on our hands is denoted as the ring finger specifically because it carries a vein beneath its surface that leads straight to the heart.

Hence, engagement rings are exchanged between couples by making each other wear them on their ring fingers, which signifies the establishment of a connection between their hearts, hence marking the start of a commitment. Expressed love by purchasing a ring from here.

3. Alternate Ring Fingers

Although the most common choice these days for the exchange of engagement rings is for the third finger, it has been historically proven that wedding rings used to be worn on any finger, including the thumb, depending on the culture and religious beliefs in different societies.

4. Varying Hands 

Another difference can be noted in the hand that is chosen for the purpose. While engagement and wedding rings are generally worn on the left hand’s third finger, in countries like India, Germany, Spain, Norway, and Russia, the right hand is decided upon to exchange rings.

5. Difference in Meaning 

The meaning and purpose of jewelry and rings can be different for both genders wherein women don jewelry to accessorize themselves or express affection, but men do it for the item of jewelry to symbolize their status.

6. Importance of Metal in the Ring 

Although the olden times observed wedding and engagement rings made in reeds, modern rings are dominated by precious and semi-precious metals.

The most famous and coming type of wedding band these days is the shade of yellow gold, which is known to symbolize fidelity. Another color is made by combining rose gold with copper and then giving birth to a pinkish blush tone, which is said to symbolize romanticism and commitment. White gold is quite well known for the purpose, and it is mixed with silver, tin, or palladium.

It is said that there is also an anxiety ring, when you feel scared or nervous, you can rotate the small ring on the ring to soothe your emotions.

7. Secret Tip to Measuring the Ring Finger 

When measuring a ring finger, there are many factors to consider for finalizing a value for ring finger size. However, it often becomes difficult for the groom to become aware of his to-be bride’s finger size for surprise proposals.

In that case, he can always sneakily make his S.O. wear another ring or even a piece of cheerio and then remember the difference in measurement, which he can later use to tell a professional about, which would lead to the expert deciphering the finger size.

8. Affect of Shape and Size on Finger Size 

The first and most important thing to measure first is the shape and size to reach an approximate value around which customers can make up their mind about which size in rings to purchase.

9. Affect of Extra Activities on Finger Size

Apart from the finger’s shape and size being the most significant factors, ring shoppers and enthusiasts must consider their lifestyle and habits.

If taking part in strenuous activities that could lead to swelling of fingers is a standard part of their lives, such as acts of physical exertion and flying, then it is important to decide upon a number that is flexible enough to accumulate in the frequent increase in the physical size of the finger.

10. Affect of Climate on Finger Size

Another important factor to consider is the climate of the place the ring-wearer stays. Fingers tend to swell during summer and appear more slender during winter; hence, ring sizes must take in the finger size fluctuations expressed by the ring finger.

11. Switching Placement of Ring  

It is important to remember that if one decides to switch the placement of their ring from one hand to the other, it should be taken into account that the fingers of both hands may not be of the same size, and neither would be their ring size.

12. Time to Measure 

When it comes to physically begin the process of measuring the ring finger, the best time to do it is when one’s body is relaxed and feels its most normal at room temperature in the middle of the day.

Such specifications are important since fingers can swell up overnight, after gymming or post hot meals. Hence, the body needs to be relaxed during the process.

To deal with fluctuations well, it is always advised to use ring guards or beads for the process of measuring ring size.

13. Professional Help 

If one feels clueless about this and has no idea how to find out the ring size, they can always approach a jeweler or professional to measure their ring size. They will help you find not only the right ring measurement, but the shape and the material. Buy from your local jeweler and you will surely have the perfect pair of wedding rings.

14. Switch After Wedding Vows 

With the left-hand ring finger being the most popularly used engagement ring finger, there are many countries in Europe where people practice the process a little differently.

They choose to wear their engagement ring on the left hand but only until their wedding vows are completed, after which the engagement ring is shifted to the right hand where the wedding ring is.

Ending Notes

The above facts are a great insight into the trends and practices surrounding the ring finger and would help people who wish to know more about one of the most important fingers on their hands!

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