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Austin Stoermer Coleman: Zendaya’s Stepbrother and Fellow Actor

by Louise W. Rice

Being a rising star is quite challenging, as Hollywood is full of actors and actresses, all looking for their big hit. But when you’re the sibling of a big actress like Zendaya, things can be even more challenging. 

So, who is Austin Stoermer Coleman? What does he do? This article will answer your questions, so let’s dive in. 

Who is Austin Stoermer Coleman?

Austin Stoermer Coleman is an American actor of African-American descent. He’s also the younger brother of the famous Hollywood actress Zendaya

Coleman’s family history is quite interesting, as his grandmother was African, while his grandfather was of Icelandic and Macedonian descent. His family also has German and Scottish roots, although he is an American citizen. 

Austin was born on the 15th of June 1999 to Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, and he has four siblings and step-siblings. Yet, he is most famous for being Zendaya’s stepbrother. 

Coleman is one of America’s youngest stars. He’s also an activist, fashion enthusiast, and social media personality. 

Education and Career

Education and Career

Austin Stoermer Coleman probably got his elementary and high school certificates from reputable schools in his neighborhood. Yet, the American actor hasn’t shared any details about his education. 

He also doesn’t talk much about his career choices, but he definitely aspires to be as famous as his sister, who played the role of Spiderman’s girlfriend. 

Coleman started acting at a young age, participating in several school plays. But he made his first TV acting debut when he scored a role in Disney’s sitcom Shake It Up alongside his stepsister, Zendaya. 

Afterward, he starred in several movies, like Skyrunners Testimonials, playing minor roles. He has yet to star in a blockbuster, but with his talent and dedication, this might happen in the near future. 

Apart from his interest in the movie industry, Austin Stoermer Coleman is a social media activist, and he is very vocal about several issues that matter to his community. 

For example, he made it to the headlines during the Black Lives Matter movement when he raised awareness. He’s also a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, and he uses his platform to help minorities and educate people. 

It doesn’t stop here. Coleman is a fashion icon and enthusiast, so you can follow his social media accounts if you want to know about the latest trends. He will probably establish his brand one day. 

Austin’s Relationship With Zendaya

Austin’s Relationship With Zendaya

The jealousy between siblings is quite common, especially if they both share the same passion and talents. But this isn’t the case for Austin and his sister, Zendaya. 

The Euphoria star maintains close relationships with all her siblings. Although they don’t like to be under the spotlight, unlike Zendaya, they’re incredibly supportive of their sister. 

Growing up, Austin was very protective of his step-sister, especially when her parents decided to get a divorce. Since Zendaya is the only biological child of her parents, Austin made sure that his sister wouldn’t feel lonely. 

As a matter of fact, Austin always talks fondly of his sister. He’s proud of her success and explains that he is his sister’s biggest fan. They also share the same passion for fashion, so they might decide to collaborate one day and create their own stylish brand. 

Tabloids have often confused Austin for Darnell Appling, Zendaya’s assistant. But Austin never worked as his sister’s assistant. When she was young, Zendaya’s parents were her managers, and she lived at her parents’ home till 2016. 

Zendaya, on the other hand, is equally proud of her brother. She knows that he still has a lot to achieve, and she tries to help him. It’s common to see them two attend Zendaya’s movie premiers together. 

But Austin doesn’t want to benefit from his sister’s fame. He is supportive, but he wants to establish his career independently. 

Austin’s Net Worth

Austin’s Net Worth

Since little is known about Austin’s current projects, it’s hard to estimate his net worth accurately. But as a social media influencer, fashion enthusiast, and actor, Austin takes part in various business ventures. His net worth is estimated to be between $200,000 and $500,000. 

Austin’s Social Media Presence

Austin Stoermer Coleman is a social media personality, and he is pretty vocal about what he believes in. He currently has more than 96.9k followers on Instagram, but he will probably gain more followers as he becomes more famous. 

Many producers and directors have probably noticed Austin’s talent, so he might be Hollywood’s next big thing. We might see both siblings starring in a blockbuster one day.

Wrap Up

Austin Stoermer Coleman is a rising actor, social media influencer, and fashion icon. He is also the step-brother of Zendaya, one of Hollywood’s biggest actresses. 

Zendaya and Austin Coleman have always been close growing up. Yet, Austin doesn’t want to depend on his sister to achieve success. He has starred in some minor roles, but he is yet to star in his big hit. 

In addition to his minor movie roles, Austin is also a fashion icon, and he always attends movie premiers with his sister, wearing the latest fashion trends. He is vocal about several issues and uses his social media accounts to share his opinions on topics that matter to his community. 

So, will the two famous siblings cooperate one day? We are waiting for this day. 

Images source: Instagram

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