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Amra Nor Jenkins: The First Daughter of Young Jeezy, Amidst Parents’ Bitter Custody Battle After Their Split

by Louise W. Rice

If you’re a fan of Young Jeezy, you probably know one or two things about him, but what do you know about his family?

Most people are familiar with Young Jeezy’s family due to the ugly custody battles he went through with his ex-girlfriend, Mahlet. The center of these battles was his daughter, Amra Nor Jenkins. 

So why were her parents fighting over her? And where is Amra now? Read on as we unveil the truth behind Young Jeezy’s daughter!

Amra Nor Jenkins: A Biography

Amra Nor Jenkins was born in February 2014, making her 10 years old. She was born to Afro-American and Ethiopian parents, giving her a mixed ethnical background.

Her father is famous rapper Young Jeezy and her mother is Mahlet GebreGiorgis, Jeezy’s ex-girlfriend. 

Amra’s parents stayed together until 2019. She was only five years old then, and her parents separated and went on to fight for her custody. Her mother won the custody battle, so Amra went on to live with her.

Amra Nor Jenkins’ Family


Despite being an only child between Jeezy and Mahlet, Amra shares her father with three half-siblings. 

The eldest son is Jadarius Jenkins, who was born in 1996 to Jeezy and Tenesha Dykes, one of the rapper’s ex-girlfriends. Then, there’s Shyheim Jenkins, Amra’s half-brother from her father.

Unfortunately, it’s now known whether Shyheim is also the son of Tenesha Dykes or another woman. The boy is notoriously away from social media, and his father doesn’t talk about him much, so we don’t know a lot about him. However, he was probably born between 1996 and 1999.

The third and youngest sibling of Amra is Monaco Jenkins, who was born in 2022, making her the youngest kid of Jeezy and the only one born in wedlock. Her mother is Jeezy’s ex-wife, Jeannie Mai.

As for Amra’s mother, Mahlet isn’t as well-known as Jeezy, but she’s a singer too. Her stage name is Mahi, and she’s known for her Ethiptian songs.

More on Amra Nor Jenkins’ Siblings

Now that we’ve established that Amra shares her father with three half-siblings, let’s see where they are now and what their lives look like:

Jadarius Jenkins

Jadarius Jenkins

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The oldest of his siblings, Jadarius, walked the same path as his father and became a rapper. His stage name is YB Landlord, and when fans started wondering why he didn’t take his father’s name, he said that he wanted to have his own career path, separate from his father’s. That’s why he didn’t choose a name like Lil Jeezy.

Jadarius constantly talks about the immense respect he has for his father and the close relationship that they both share. Despite that, Tenesha and Jeezy aren’t on very good terms, no thanks to the allegations that Tenesha started about Jeezy attacking his kid.

Shyheim Jenkins

As opposed to his older brother, Shyheim doesn’t have a strong social media presence. Nobody knows much about him, and there have been a lot of allegations about who his birth mother is, but nothing has been confirmed.

Most rumors mention that he’s the son of Tenesha Dykes, but his father neither confirmed nor denied that.

Since Shyheim isn’t present on social media, and his father doesn’t talk much about him, we don’t know much about his personal life.

Monaco Mai Jenkins

Monaco Mai Jenkins

Monaco is Jenkin’s youngest daughter, being only two years old. Her mother, Mai Jenkins, talked about how close Monaco and Jeezy were, and how they were like two peas in a pod. Mai also mentioned that her daughter looks strikingly similar to her father, especially in her eyes.

It looks like Jeezy is enjoying fatherhood with his youngest daughter, seeing as he constantly posts about her on his Instagram—more so than his other kids.

Unfortunately, despite sharing a child, Jeezy and Mai filed for divorce in September 2023. According to rumors, the couple hadn’t been living together for a while before that, and their marriage is beyond fixing. Despite that, Jeezy mentioned that he carried a lot of respect for his ex-wife and the time they spent together.

The Custody and Child Support Battle

Jeannie Mai

Jeannie Mai   Image source: Google

It’s true that Jeezy and Mahi never got married, even after they gave birth to Amra. However, that doesn’t mean their parting wasn’t any less messy than a divorce. The couple got into an ugly fight over custody after they separated, but Mahi came out a winner.

After that battle, Jeezy and Mahi reached an agreement where the famous rapper had to pay an annual fee of $30,000 for Amra’s education, plus a monthly fee of $7500 for child support.

Despite the agreement, Mahi filed a case against Jeezy in 2020, alleging that he wasn’t paying child support and wasn’t present in Amra’s life. 

Like most similar cases, Jeezy denied the allegation, so Mahi resorted to filing her case in family court. After a while, they reached a new agreement, though its terms aren’t clear to the public eye. They’re now supposedly co-parenting and are out of the courts at the moment.

Amra Nor Jenkins’ Net Worth

Since Amra is so young, she doesn’t have a net worth per se. However, her father’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million, and her singer mother is also well off.

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