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All You Need To Know About Olymp Trade Bonuses

by Louise W. Rice

Olymp Trade is an international brokerage company that provides its users with access to a myriad of financial instruments. One of its intermediary roles is to provide access to markets with good trading conditions. By the fact that its operations are far well established, they frequently extend bonuses to its customers to strengthen their loyalty. Olymp trade bonus is very tempting explained by trade-in.forex experts and most of the time they are client-friendly hence most users frequently use them. This article is going to discuss in detail Olymp trade bonuses.

What is a free trading bonus?

This happens when the brokerage company offers huge account balances to its customers so that they can increase their volume of trading, ultimately increasing profits. Normally the account balance in the form of a bonus is credited directly to your account after a successful deposit. Either way, the customer and the brokerage company hold a chance of winning at the end of the trading day.

How can one get a bonus with Olymp trade?

Olymp trade offers a variety of bonuses to its customers to constantly keep them fully engaged and win their approval. There are several bonuses, including:

Welcome bonus

This bonus is specifically advanced to new members who join the company. It is normally standard for all members and these marketing strategies have seen them acquire new customers. A fraction of new members have been very lucky to land wins just after joining. 

Deposit bonus

This kind of bonus is specifically offered to customers after a successful deposit. It is given with the intent of developing a culture of deposits to continue making the accounts active. 

Bonus codes

Promo codes are a great way to boost your trading by increasing your deposits

One thing that stands out is the fact that this bonus offered by Olymp trade is completely optional, and the user holds the decision to use it or not. Whether to trade with the bonuses or not, the decision solely belongs to the account holder. To be eligible for these bonuses, one must be in those countries that allow using Olymp trade.

What condition does the Olymp trade bonus hold?

One characteristic of this trade is the fact that the bonus given on this site cannot be withdrawn. The logic behind the bonus is only to give you a chance to trade, and if you are lucky to win, then it is at that point that you are free to withdraw your funds.

Unlike other accounts that withhold your funds when you access bonus until you reach a certain limit, with Olymp trade no such restrictions exist. Customers are free to withdraw their funds at their will.

About account deposits

With this account, making deposits is quite simple. It offers instant deposits, which turn out to be very convenient and consequently, withdrawals can be made in less than 24 hours. Deposits to this account are free from fees and commissions hence a great motivation to account holders. A further security measure has been attached to deposits such that funds can only be taken from regulated companies, which ensures credibility in all undertakings. Some of the methods of payment to Olymp trade include:

There are several other methods that one can use, provided they are regulated.

Is it reasonable to accept a trade bonus?

Accepting a trading bonus is a good financial move. It helps increase an individual’s capital base and automatically places one in a position to get huge profits. The only challenge that has been evident with bonuses is the fact that people tend to relax a lot with them and end up making poor investment decisions which lead to losses. Greed always crawls in with bonuses. Investors tend to relax because they convince themselves that it is only a bonus, which doesn’t matter much. This one mistake may end up affecting the whole investment process.

When taking bonuses, be very calm and skeptical. Do not rush over things. Allow yourself to decide regardless of the availability of the bonus. This way, you will be able to establish control over unhealthy trading habits.

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