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Unusual and Interesting Facts About Online Baccarat

by Louise W. Rice

Users will be interested in unusual facts about gambling. Some of them are listed on the page of online baccarat real money casinos for the convenience of visitors. It is better to read the information before placing real bets. The rules of the game, a brief history, and types are published.

It is easier to switch to baccarat from standard slot machines, the structure of which has reels and lines. After getting acquainted with the expert’s opinions, you can choose a safe casino that operates under a license. It can hold tournaments for card game experts. It is also played with live dealers to experience maximum realism.

There are Only Three Types of Betting in the Game

Originally, the game attracted aristocrats and rich people who could spend large sums of money. In baccarat, only the participants’ money was used. They were transferred to each other when they won or lost. The advantage of baccarat is simplicity, it has been appreciated by the players. There are only three types of betting. You can bet chips on:

  • player;
  • banker;
  • a draw.

These options are available in all varieties of the game. Therefore, you should not be afraid of different table layouts.

The Beginning of the Hand and the Rules of the Drawing

The hand starts with two cards being dealt to each participant. The third card depends on the score of each hand. 8-9 points are sufficient to win (with the right type of betting). In this case, you can do without a raise. If the score is less than 5 points, a third card is automatically given. At a score of 6 or 7, the game stops.

Some beginners find the rules of the game confusing. The maximum number of points scored is 9. It becomes known at the time of counting. Users need to learn how to count points on their own:

  • jack, queen, king – 0;
  • numbers up to nine – a face value;
  • an ace – 1.

If the result is a two-digit number, 10 is subtracted from it. The result is counted when the final option (win or lose) is considered.

Five Unknown Facts about Baccarat

The five most interesting and unusual facts are listed in the table.

1 Punto Banco variant
2 The favorite game of casino visitors
3 The influence of religious tradition
4 Named after the worst combination
5 You don’t have to bet on a draw

Now let’s talk about everything in order.

1. Punto Banco Variant

Punto Banco is one of the most popular versions of the game. It was originally a tournament between players, each of which contributed a minimum amount. Participants fought simultaneously, winning or losing money. Originally, the role of the banker was played by a designated player. This type of game spread across Europe in the early 18th century.

A couple of centuries later, the Chemin de Fer appeared in France. Several players are seated at the table, and they place their bets one by one. They do not require that all the heavy lifts are performed by the banker. Punto Banco differs from Chemin de Fer in its lower stakes. The game is played against the casino.

2. Favorite Game of the Casino Visitors

Visitors to virtual halls more and more often choose baccarat. They switch from it to slots, where the casino gets 3% to 8% of each bet. When choosing a card game, it is possible to reduce the casino’s advantage due to your knowledge. When betting on a player’s victory, it is 1.36%, the banker’s – 1.17%. The latter option is considered to be the best.

Financial strategies can be used to reduce risk.

  1. Positive progressions. After each win, the rate goes up, after each loss, the rate goes down. The goal of users is to achieve a continuous positive result. With a series of failures, the risk of loss is minimized.
  2. Negative progressions. This is the exact opposite of the previous bets. After losing, the amount at stake increases, and after winning – it decreases. In the case of success, all previous losses are covered.
  3. Flat system. The same amount is always used for betting. If a player or banker is chosen, the probability of winning is 50%.

When using the latter result, you can feel the benefits:

  • the strategy is suitable for players with minimal knowledge of the rules;
  • allows you to bet a greater number of times;
  • provides significant chances of winning.

There are users who record the results. Professionals believe that taking into account the results of previous games gives nothing. In baccarat, there are only two participants. A maximum of three cards are dealt to each of them. In addition, there is a shuffle after each round.

3. The Influence of the Religious Tradition

Baccarat is described in The Book of Games, which was written by Charles Van Tenack. This work indirectly explains the rules and strategies. It also describes the history of baccarat, which originated in the fifteenth century. Its progenitor is considered to be the Italian Felix Falgier. He used an ancient Etruscan legend about virgins.

They brought a nine-sided bone and threw it. If 8 or 9 came out, the girl became a priestess, and 6 or 7 – she received a ban on attending church. If it was even less, the virgin was immediately executed. She was pushed into the sea. Felix Falgier decided to use these numbers to create a game of chance. The mathematical rules became the basis.

4. Named after the Worst Combination

This fact is remembered by users who believe in the Etruscan origin of the game of chance. The translation of the term “baccarat” from Italian is “zero”. The name is attributed to Felix Falgier. He may have given it because of the proliferation of zero-value cards. They are:

  • queens;
  • jacks;
  • kings.

It is clear that such combinations do not count. You need bigger cards to get the winnings.

5. Do not Bet on the Draw

Betting on the draw is not recommended because of the significant casino advantage. It is 14%. This figure is almost 14 times greater than for other types of bets (on the banker or player). If such a bet works, the lucky ones get big winnings. The latter accrued at a ratio of 9:1. When analyzing the profits and losses, the loss will be significant.

Famous Movies about Baccarat

The gambling game is shown in the 2006 James Bond movie. It was called “Casino Royale”. According to the director’s idea, the spy liked baccarat (a type of Chemin de Fer). It was also loved by author Ian Fleming. He visited the local casinos, where he drew inspiration for the creation of spy films.

Another movie about the adventures of James Bond is called Dr. No. Viewers saw it for the first time in late 1967. In it, Sean Connery and Sylvia Trench played baccarat. The latter raises the stakes by losing a hand. Unfortunately, the girl loses on all occasions. Four other movies about gambling are popular:

  • “Golden Eye”;
  • “For Your Eyes Only”;
  • “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.”
  • “Lightning Ball”.

Another iconic movie is “Rush Hour 3,” where a memorable scene is associated with the name of Chris Tucker’s character. He visits a Parisian casino, where he confuses baccarat with blackjack. The character saw himself with three kings. The character thought he had won a hand. In reality, the cards were the worst of all possible options.

The Most Common Superstitions

A selection of superstitions was made by employees of Macau casinos. In 2014, for example, gambling establishments derived 91% of their revenues from baccarat. In Las Vegas – only 24%. Thus, visitors can touch the cards, bend them, look at and examine them with their eyes. Blowing is allowed in order to eliminate the distribution of zero cards. It is clear that in practice, such an action leads to nothing.

Conclusion about Interesting Facts

Users like the excitement of the game. It is remarkable that the patient ones go to victory.  After reading the interesting facts, you can try running baccarat online. Financial strategy is chosen after reading the rules, plan your budget ahead of time.

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