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Wood Types And Aesthetics: An Inexpensive Guide For A Modern-Traditional Household

by Louise W. Rice

Trying to design and upscale your house is a task that most homeowners tend to avoid until they really have to. This is usually due to their reluctance to change. Homes can be styled and redesigned using different woods in order to create styles that are aesthetically pleasing.

What do homeowners really know about the wood types they are purchasing, though? If you are a modern-traditional homeowner, and you feel like you are clueless about what wood type you should purchase for your home, then please read on as we discuss this.

Hardwood vs Softwood

First off, it’s important to note that there are two types of wood, hardwood, and softwood. There are a number of differences between these woods, including the style of wood that can be made from them.

Some other key differences include: Hardwood comes from rough wood texture, whereas softwood is from a finer texture of wood. Hardwood also originates from angiosperm, deciduous trees, whereas softwood comes from coniferous, evergreen trees. Both kinds of wood are used to make both expensive and cheap furniture, and each of them has its own specific positives that can make them perfect for modern-traditional spaces.

Hardwood Types And Qualities

There are a number of hardwoods that you will most definitely have heard of. One of these hardwoods is mahogany. Often labeled as a premium product to have in your home, mahogany is the most popular among all of the hardwoods. It is famous for its aesthetic features, durability, and natural color. Mahogany can be great if you want to turn your kitchen into something a little more traditionally barn-esque, as it gives that rustic aesthetic and warm feeling which is so important to pulling this kind of design off.

Walnut is another type of hardwood that is very commonly known. Famous for its stability, shock resistance and overall strength, it is one of the most durable materials you could have in your home. As well as this, maple wood is extremely popular in Europe and North America. Maple wood is well known for being a sturdy and durable material that is also resistant to splitting. Out of all of the hardwoods, it is the one that is the easiest to clean as all it requires is a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth. You will find this being used mostly as flooring.

Softwood Types And Qualities

Parana Pine has been noted by many as the most aesthetically pleasing softwood that you can have in your home. For a modern-traditional long, which is yearning more for a modern vibe, this is a great flooring wood that is famous for its strength and natural light color.

Eastern white pint is another softwood that has been widely appreciated, especially throughout North America. This type of wood is extremely valuable as its main selling point is that it turns golden yellow after being exposed to natural sunlight, which is perfect for giving off an earthy, rustic aesthetic in a modern-traditional home. The wood is also rather cheap and is one that you could quite easily get your hands on if you wanted.

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