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What Should I Do to Lose Face Fat?

by Louise W. Rice

Face fat is commonly linked to sleepiness, and it is considered hereditary. When observed keenly, it is said to be acquired sometimes, irrespective of genetics, by poor eating habits. Many people with face fat usually try to get rid of it. In the fashion world, face fat usually sets you at a disadvantage. Getting rid of face fat is not impossible, and if you’re combating it, there are tips you can follow to lose your face fat. In this article, you’ll learn how to lose face fat. Here are a few tips for weight loss.

Exercising your face

Doing facial exercises consistently for 30 minutes daily helps improve your facial look and greatly reduces puffiness. Exercising your face could be done in three steps: puffing your cheeks, the smile exercise, and puckering your lips. These exercises should be done on one cheek and then the other, and they should be done repeatedly.

Include cardio in your routine

You are expected to exercise; if you do, cardio should be added to your exercise routine. It is common for your exercise routine to only include weight lifting and basic strength training. If your face fat must be eliminated, incorporating cardio is necessary. Cardio can be easily translated into aerobic exercise. According to research, it has been shown that you lose more body fat when you engage in aerobic exercises (cardio). Cardio and aerobic exercises include running, jogging, swimming, and cycling.

Always be hydrating

When you exercise, it is common advice to expect that you drink a lot of water. When a lot of water is consumed, it helps keep you full and balances the level of water living in your body. When you feel full for much longer, your desire for food is curbed. The water balance in your system is reduced(dehydration), which causes bloating and swelling. These two effects are detrimental to your health. Drinking water helps improve your facial appearance and skin altogether.

You might be concerned if continued water consumption adds to your weight. You don’t have to worry as it contains zero calories and is a better substitute for sugary drinks like soda. When you consume fewer sugary drinks and more water, it does a lot towards losing face fat.

Your diet should be balanced

Consuming a balanced meal goes a long way to reducing facial fat and overall body fat. It keeps your fat level in check and healthy. Most individuals face fat as all body fat is built by the type of meat they consume. Investing in your diet would greatly curb the source of the fat. Eating meals that contain nutrient-dense food such as legumes, lean protein, and whole grains. Having a balanced meal does not immediately cause you to lose face fat. When you persist in it, its effect will be shown.

Healthy eating is not common among individuals. A good tip to set a good diet in motion is to eat slightly differently from everyone. When you eat three balanced meals daily, your change should take effect over time.

Reduce your level of sodium intake

Adding a certain amount of salt to our daily meals is common practice. Sodium is mostly found in salt as it is part of its main constituent. Sometimes sodium is also present in prepackaged and processed meals. High-level consumption of sodium cause bloating, and this most times makes your face puffy. It is generally advised that you try to stick to 2,300 mg of sodium daily; this amount is equivalent to a teaspoon of table salt.

Sleep for eight hours every night

When you don’t get enough sleep each night, studies show it leads to weight gain, including face fat. During sleep, our body still sets to work, so when you deny yourself enough quality sleep, your body holds fat for much longer. The lack of complete hours of sleep is mostly caused by irregular sleeping hours. You set a time and maintain it consistently. Sleep is tied to rest, and when you don’t get enough, you look stressed and haggard, and often with a puffy face. Get enough sleep.


You have succeeded in receiving tips to curb your face fat. The main emphasis and striking point is balance. Finally, you can opt for an intragastric balloon procedure to lose weight. For an easy search for the best clinic, you can insert the best “intragastric balloon near me” in the search bar to find experts that can conduct this procedure.

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