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What Makes A Good Logo? Everything You Need to Know

by Louise W. Rice

Whether you own your own business or work as a professional graphic designer, the question of what factors make a good logo is common and can lead to uncertainty. Even though everyone has different tastes, you should do enough research to find out what parts of a logo are the most important and how you can make a logo that will stand out in no time. Simply put, logos refer to images, text, or shapes that represent a company concisely.

What Makes a Good Logo?

Since logos have many qualities, it can be hard to tell which one stands out the most. This article will walk you through the qualities that define a good logo. Therefore, you can design a logo that stands out in no time.

1. Simplicity

When someone starts making a logo, they need to have a clear idea of the logo’s main purpose. However, this is quite simple to grasp. Whether you are designing a logo for a baking business or a fast food chain, the concept of a logo remains the same.

When creating a logo, make sure it is simple to understand. Your logo must represent your brand in the simplest way possible without overdoing it. Companies that have dominated the global business market have simple logos. While these logos may look minimalist, they leave an impact and have led to success.

Simplicity must be the first factor you consider, as simple logos are easy to recognize and leave a lasting impression on the user. Take a look at Nike’s or Apple’s logos; these logos can convey the brand’s personality concisely and effectively.

2. Relevance

The positioning of the elements in a logo is another factor that holds a ton of importance. You have to put the parts of your logo in a way that makes sense, and it should be clear why they belong there.

A primary component is the color scheme you adopt. The color scheme that you stick to must relate to your audience. For instance, if you designed a logo for a company that sells toys, you should stick to a colorful logo. Doing this lets your audience feel more than one thing and connect with them simultaneously.

3. How Memorable It Is

A good logo is supposed to leave a lasting impact on the user and should be able to create a memorable impression. While ensuring that your logo is visually appealing holds unparalleled importance, your logo must be able to merge visual appeal with functionality. The logo you design should appeal to your audience and be able to attract brands.

At the same time, the logo must accurately represent your brand, connect with your customers, and make an impression on your users that they will remember. When designing a logo, you should take a minute and put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer. A logo must be memorable, even if a user sees it for the first time. An effective logo means that all that is required is a single glance at the logo, and you will be able to recall all the information related to the specific company.

Customers will eventually remember your company when they see your logo and don’t have to think about it. Logos of this type embed a place in a customer’s mind. The McDonald’s logo is simple yet memorable.

4. Timelessness

While designing a logo, you must take the future into account. A great logo must be able to last a long time. Timeless logos focus on quality instead of quantity. The logo you design must stay relevant throughout the years. Although some individuals think that following the trends and modifying your logo according to them is the best approach, this is usually not the case. Trends change as fast as the speed of light, and if you change your logo all the time, it will hurt your company’s reputation and make your logo hard to remember.

5. Versatility

Your logo must be scalable and recognizable, even if it is black and white. An effective logo should hold up well across all social media platforms and even physically. Even if you design the most beautiful logo in the world, it won’t work unless it looks good, no matter what size it is. Whether on a billboard or an Instagram post, your logo needs to keep its appeal.


An effective logo that stands out to your customers and leaves a lasting impression is quite simple to design. You must be able to merge simplicity with functionality. A logo should visually appeal to a user and be memorable. It is of the utmost importance that your logo remains relevant throughout the years.

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