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What is The Quickest Way to Straighten Teeth?

by Louise W. Rice

It is quite normal to have gaps between teeth or having crooked ones. However, this often negatively impacts one’s confidence. Fortunately, modern medicine makes it possible to straighten your teeth, boosting your dental aesthetics.

In 2021, we are used to having things move fast ‒ fast internet speeds, fast deliveries, etc. It is completely understandable to have people not being patient enough to wait for at least 18 months before they can start seeing the results of their dental treatment.

So, what’s the fastest way to straighten teeth?

For starters, there are many ways that one can use to straighten teeth. However, the speed at which you get the desired results may vary. But why is that? Let’s break it down below.

Factors that affect the speed of teeth straightening

Each person is different, and only your orthodontist may be able to correctly determine (or predict) how long your teeth will take to get straightened, taking into consideration byte review, their experience and knowledge. Regardless of the procedure you wish to undertake, there are some factors that ultimately affect how long it’ll take for your teeth to get straightened:

● The severity of the problem

The initial treatment plan that you’ll use will depend on the severity of your condition. If it is not severe, it is quite possible to get into a treatment plan that can only last between six months and a year.

However, more severe cases might take a lot longer for you to notice the changes.

● The type of treatment chosen

For someone using braces as their preferred treatment option, the type of braces they go for will determine how long they’ll undergo the treatment. For instance, Invisalign is known to effectively straighten teeth while giving the patient more flexibility.

However, it will take more time for a patient on Invisalign than one using traditional braces, which brings out results much faster.

● The technology available

The technology of your teeth straightening doesn’t begin and end with your aligners or braces; your provider may also implement the use of high frequency vibration devices as a supplemental addition to your treatment. High frequency vibration devices accelerate orthodontic treatment by emitting micropulses that loosen the tooth ligaments which make for faster tooth shifts.

Both in-office and remote treatment options utilize this technology. The at-home clear aligner provider Byte has their own proprietary high-frequency vibration device that they include in their treatment price. Not only does this technology shorten treatment lengths, but it also makes treatment more comfortable. With daily use of the HyperByte, your remote clear aligner treatment from Byte can be completed in a shorter time frame and with less discomfort.

● The patient’s dedication

As you get your braces fixed by the orthodontist, they’ll give a set of instructions to follow and tips to make the most out of your treatment. However, if the patient fails to observe or partly adheres to the instructions, their treatment period becomes much longer.

In most cases, such concerns are brought about by Invisalign patients. Since these braces offer the patient the freedom to remove them easily, they’ll become less effective if the patient doesn’t wear them for the period that they’ve been recommended.

These reasons are enough to indicate that it is medically impossible to pinpoint a specific period that your teeth straightening treatment will last. Only a qualified orthodontist is in a position to indicate to you how long your treatment may last.

How do teeth move inside the jawbone?

Teeth movement in the mouth is a complex process that involves different cells, tissues, and cell signaling substances. These cells and tissues are driven to act whenever they’re applied force, for instance, when one puts on braces or aligners. All these changes take time and may vary from one person to another.

It would be prudent to note that pushing or forced movement of teeth may result in adverse results, such as a situation where the teeth stop moving entirely. This might lead to severe damage to the roots and other tissues.

This is why it is important only to get advice from the right professionals on the suitable methods to use to straighten your teeth.

The best teeth straightening options to consider

Depending on your orthodontist’s advice, here are some of the most popular go-to options for your teeth straightening journey:

Metal braces

This is the most popular and traditional technique that uses brackets, archwire, ligature elastic, and bonding material to straighten teeth. The treatment period is often the shortest, taking anywhere between five months and a couple of years to achieve the desired results fully.

Besides being one of the most effective solutions, they usually cost less than other teeth-straightening methods.

Clear aligners

Clear aligners are quickly becoming the most preferred method of straightening teeth for adults. They are virtually invisible and are made of special plastic material, customized for your teeth.

The orthodontist will take photos, impressions, and x-rays of your teeth during the evaluation stage. They’ll then send the results to the dental lab, where the aligners are created to correct your case.

Invisalign is one of the most popular clear aligners, but most people find it overly pricey. Byte aligners cost is much lower and you stand to enjoy the same satisfactory results.

Ceramic braces

Also referred to as clear braces, ceramic braces operate just like the traditional or metallic braces, just that their brackets are either transparent or tooth-colored and not metallic. Furthermore, the wires used are offered in off-white shades, making them virtually impossible to notice quickly.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces offer the most discreet treatment plan for straightening teeth. Although they have the same brackets and wires as traditional braces, they are usually placed on the back of the teeth as opposed to the front.


Veneers offer a complete smile makeover plan, which entails having porcelain shells placed over the teeth to correct a number of issues, such as crowding and spacing. Although the process provides a quick result, it requires a huge commitment, especially from the patient.

Before veneers are cemented onto your teeth, dentists often have to ‘prep’ them by shaving down a little part or layer of the enamel, an irreversible process. This means that you have to be sure of your commitment to the procedure.

Accelerated orthodontics

The dawn of technological advancements in the dental field has seen new technologies that are designed to accelerate the tooth straightening process. Most of these procedures involve bone stimulation.

In some instances, these devices apply pulsating pressure on the bone tissue to speed up tooth movement. This is a relatively new method used in the field of orthodontia. However, this procedure is associated with elevated risks and a higher possibility of regression, even after treatment. This is why most orthodontists do not prefer using them as a solution to offer to their patients.

There are currently many options for accelerated orthodontics to choose from, with AcceleDent being one of the most popular ones.

What about surgery?

Although surgery is usually one of the most effective solutions to any cosmetic procedure, it may not give the desired results if used with the sole intention of straightening teeth. Teeth are anchored in jawbones, and for you to move teeth in order to straighten them, they must reform and grow in the new position.

This is why it needs some time for the teeth to shift position; hence, surgery cannot be feasible. However, surgery may become an option, in addition to another treatment plan during severe cases.

Bottom line

The best way to determine how long your teeth straightening treatment may last is to consult your orthodontist. If you’re looking for the best options to straighten your teeth, this comprehensive guide will get you started so that you know what exactly you’re looking for.

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