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The Eternal Battle: Truck Vs. SUV

by Louise W. Rice

As a typical late bloomer, I’ve only recently become a driver. Because of that, many heated debates among drivers surprise me. Such was the eternal truck vs. SUV conundrum — the clash of the titans!

And as a person of average curiosity, I set out to learn what the truck vs. SUV duel was about — and where my preferences lie.

The Basics

Starting with the basics; both trucks and SUVs are made with active people in mind.

Trucks are useful to those who need storage space since they have storage beds. And while most people think of massive vehicles on highways when they hear the word “truck,” smaller ones are more like cars.

On the other hand, sport utility vehicles, or SUVs, are a combination of off-road vehicles and passenger cars. Because of that, SUVs have ground clearance, making them capable of driving on gravel.

Storage Space and Towing

When it comes to towing and storage space, it is clear trucks win. While an SUV has more space than an average passenger car, it doesn’t come close to a truck. This makes it ideal for shipping suitcases and smaller cargo that is packaged more securely.

A truck, however, is capable of lugging much heavier cargo, such as wood, metal, or machines, as well as lighter objects, such as suitcases. In case you don’t want your cargo to be in contact with the cabin interior, trucks are the right solution. For example, if you hunt or deal with lumber, you don’t want branches and deer inside an SUV. It’s for that reason trucks are better for those with a more hands-on job.

So, who’s the winner? For me, it’s clearly a truck.


On the other hand, If drivability is a priority, SUVs should be an easy first choice. While trucks are more than useful for cargo, a fully-loaded truck is also less drivable. As they’re bigger and more difficult to park, trucks might not be the right option for city drives, who often need to maneuver with finesse. And, of course, heavy cargo takes away from driving speed as well.

Since SUVs are more similar to passenger cars than they are to trucks, they are easier to maneuver. As they are a good fit for gravel and pavement, they fare well in cities and on parking lots. With less space for bulky cargo, they can reach higher speeds too.

That’s why SUVs win this round.

Vehicle Prices

Another important aspect is the price. SUVs tend to be on the pricier side, especially when you take into account all the technology in new SUVs.

That’s why buying a truck is likely a cheaper option for most. This rings particularly true if you are considering purchasing an older truck. Though many people wince at the thought of buying an older vehicle, its age can be a testament to its durability.

With regard to price, I would say trucks make for a better investment.

Fuel Expenses

When you consider fuel prices, on the other hand, you will find trucks are less cost-effective. They use up more gas, all the while reaching a lower speed than an SUV. And although there are more fuel options for trucks these days, which makes prices more affordable, the majority of SUVs are still more cost-effective.

Because of that, I’d say that SUVs outperform trucks in most cases.


While comfort is a category with a seemingly clear winner, that isn’t always the case. It’s true that most SUVs have the latest technology and are designed for comfort, such as Kia Seltos. Still, you could make a case that comfort is personal and depends on your needs and how your vehicle meets them. Furthermore, nowadays you can find various trucks that offer additional comfort, such as four-seat trucks.

While an SUV would stereotypically win this round, it’s not so black and white.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve decided on which vehicle fits your need, you can start finding car accessories for your Isuzu Mux or other auto models to make your vehicle safe, comfortable, and convenient. To conclude, I don’t think there should be a truck vs. SUV battle at all. Considering my active lifestyle, which doesn’t require transporting bulky cargo, an SUV would fit me better. But this isn’t universal! The duel of truck vs. SUV falls through if you carefully consider what you need and choose the vehicle that suits you best.

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