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Tips for Mixing Vintage and Modern Kitchen Styles

by Louise W. Rice

Modern kitchen furniture is something that we all admire. After all, we need to keep up with the trends. That being said, we also crave those vintage elements that we grew up with. So, how do we efficiently mix the vintage and the modern, without making it seem out of place? Well, here are some tips and tricks you can consider.

1. Bring In the Textiles

Nowadays, modern kitchens are pretty simple, with most people discarding the textiles in order to make the cleaning more efficient – and maybe reduce the kitchen cooking smells. Still, to give it a more vintage vibe and make your kitchen seem more inviting, you could consider using some textiles.

For instance, you may add a vintage-looking curtain to your windows or perhaps use a tablecloth. You should go for fabrics that can be cleaned easily or the ones that you may easily pop into the washing machine. Soft fabrics should be your go-to, as they make the kitchen look more inviting.

2. Refinish Upholstery and Furniture in the Kitchen

If the opposite is the case and you want to give a modern touch to your vintage kitchen, then you may want to consider reupholstering the furniture. For instance, you may have a vintage corner table set from your grandparents, with a good frame but with upholstery that makes the overall set look old. Changing the upholstery and giving the frame some brand new paint can make the old piece look new and modern.

“Fresh upholstery can give antiques a modern feel without sacrificing vintage charm,” says interior designer Erin Williamson. “If you fancy a print, consider the shape of the piece and decide whether to play with or against the form. Stripes on a curved settee will highlight its shape while florals on a straight back chair might add some softness.”

3. Go for a Heritage Kitchen Sink

Let’s say that your kitchen has a lot of modern-looking cabinets that make the space look brand new. To give it that vintage vibe, you may want to use a heritage sink, one that is different from the modern sinks that we see everywhere nowadays.

For instance, metal sinks are among the most common choices in the kitchen. To give it a more vintage vibe, you may want to consider getting a heritage ceramic sink. It’s practical, quite durable, and can be purchased in a variety of sizes to make your kitchen time more efficient. It’s a great option for adding a subtle vintage piece to the kitchen.

4. Add an Accent Piece

If you do not have the funds to create a flashy focal point in your modern kitchen that can act as a statement piece, you may go for an accent piece instead. For instance, if you love antiques, but you don’t want to exchange your modern furniture for some vintage one, then an accent piece will be enough to give a cozy look to a modern place.

“For me, a really large antique/vintage rug sets the tone immediately, and you can have lots of fun adding and layering around it,” says Lisa Gilmore, owner and interior designer at Lisa Gilmore Design. You may even decide on a vintage light piece over your kitchen island, to give it a more mystical vibe.

5. Create a Vintage Splashback

These days, splashbacks are quite simple, most people opting for a monochrome look. That being said, if you want to mix some modern and vintage kitchen styles, you should consider adding heritage tiles as a splashback, which will complement your modern cabinets.

Patterns are your best friends here, and there are multiple places where you may purchase vintage-inspired tiles, mixing them so that you may obtain some form of patchwork. The options are limitless – you may go for something of a black lace-like pattern, or you may choose a floral pattern if you want something more colorful. You can create your own design mix so that the result you get is unique.

The Bottom Line

Mixing vintage and modern can be easily done, as long as you do it right. You just need to find the proper balance or change the right elements. This way, you will create a kitchen that feels cozy and nostalgic, without losing the modern touch. If you’re planning to create a modern kitchen and are looking for more tips, contact https://www.rtacabinetsupply.com/.

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