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Look Effortlessly Good: the Best Gift Ideas for the Minimalist Fashionista

by Louise W. Rice

It’s probably easier to get a gift for the person in your life that has everything, rather than for your pal who goes in for the minimalist fashion look. But we’ve got you covered with this list of the ultimate presents for that person who makes less look…more.

Timeless Timepieces

A great gift idea for your minimalist loved one is a simple, elegant watch. Simple isn’t a negative here: consider a timepiece that is styled using quality materials, and incorporating a design that does all the talking, without the need for embellishment or sparkle.

A watch can stand the test of time if chosen carefully. Consider watches that feature a leather strap or delicate silver band and a classic face, not overly large or stylized, as the perfect option. Think, too, about the style of the person you’re buying for, and what would work best with the clothes they like to wear.

Capsule Pieces

Your minimalist, yet fiercely on-trend friend is likely to own a capsule collection wardrobe: a relatively small number of clothes that can be dressed up or down for various looks. Contribute to this micro-but-mighty collection with a well-chosen item that can sit within it perfectly.

Opt for a lightweight scarf either in a neutral color, or their signature shade, so that you can be sure it can be paired with outfits they already own. Or select a hair accessory that can be incorporated into a variety of looks, or a neutral-colored pullover in their favorite fabric. If your friend’s minimalism underpins a concern for sustainability, you may want to consider ensuring that the gift you choose is made from recycled or organic materials, and comes from a fair-trade supplier, where applicable.

Discreet Jewellery

A chunky gold stack of Mr. T necklaces probably isn’t going to go down well with your fashionista. Instead, look for jewelry that is simple in design, and not overly ornate or ‘loud’ in color or style.

An elegant custom initial necklace is a great idea for a minimalist-style gift that will never go out of fashion. Choose a classic design, maybe in silver or rose gold, for a present that’s sure to hit the mark. Alternatively, a pair of stud earrings, perhaps featuring the birthstone belonging to your special someone, is a good choice; or opt for a high-quality, no-frills pair of cufflinks or a pretty, understated cross bracelet.

In the Bag

The underlying ethos of the minimalist is a concern with experiences over acquiring goods. So it makes sense that, for a minimalist to buy something, it has to provide a lot of practical value. Fast fashion isn’t for them, but sustainability is usually important.

Choose a gift, therefore, that combines practicality, style and helps some of those experiences and adventures run smoothly. A backpack could be a perfect choice; choose one in a quality, soft and durable fabric, and ideally one that can be purposed for both days out, shopping runs or afternoons at the office. Think carefully about the styling so that the person receiving the gift will be able to use it for multiple purposes, and with a variety of different looks.

Makeup Brushes

This is the gift that every minimalist lover of cosmetics will truly appreciate: we all know that we should be washing and changing our brushes way more than we actually do, so receiving a high-quality set of brushes is always a joy. Choose a set of just three or four essential brushes in natural, eco-friendly materials to help your fashionista make-up effortlessly.

Bottling it Up

A functional yet stylish water bottle is another great gift idea. Choose one that incorporates a simple and sleek design – transparent, flat water bottles are now on the market that comes in a range of sizes and are made to fit into a handbag or briefcase. This is a great choice for a friend who wants their things to work as hard in the office or at the gym as they do.

Spa Treats

Treating your loved one to a pamper session or treatment at a spa makes for the perfect gift when it comes to minimalism. This present is all about the experience itself, promoting mindful relaxation and making memories, rather than consumable items.

Choose a specific treatment you know that they’d love, such as a pedi or a facial or, if you’re not 100% certain what to plump for, buy a spa voucher or gift card, and let them have fun choosing their own treat!

Minimalist Gifting as a Way of Life

With environmental concerns at the forefront of many people’s minds now, the minimalist way of life is likely to be endorsed and embraced by many, focusing on the move away from materialism. Getting into the habit of consciously seeking out gifts that underscore this concern is a good idea to begin to limit the effects that widespread consumerism is having on the planet.

So as well as putting a smile on your fashionista’s face, you can feel pretty smug about your gift choice, too.

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