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5 Actions To Be Taken Immediately After A Swimming Pool Accident

by Louise W. Rice

Accidental drownings in swimming pools can happen anywhere, including at water parks, hotels, motels, and at home. Swimming pool drowning accidents caused many deaths in South Florida, where the temperature remains warm primarily, especially those involving children. Pools can be risky sometimes when

  • Swimmers are beginners/children.
  • There are faulty gates/drains.
  • There is slime on the pool surface.

Pool owners have a responsibility to comply with safety standards. In case of a breach of duty, they can be held liable for any injuries or fatalities. Other parties, such as hotel owners, water park operators, lifeguards, etc., can also be held responsible. Pool accidents can have terrible effects and may lead to severe long-term injuries. An injury may further worsen, and your case may weaken if actions are not taken in the moments following an accident. This blog discusses the five steps you should take without delay and how a swimming pool accident attorney can help you get the maximum compensation.

1. Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Drowning accidents can lead to severe injuries and even death if medical attention is not given immediately. In some cases, drowning injuries can cause severe brain damage causing long-term memory loss and paralysis. It may look like a minor fracture, but it requires serious attention. Head to your nearest hospital immediately and ensure that proper medical treatment is given to the injured.

2. Inform Local Authorities

It is crucial to dial 911 and report the accident. Dispatch can send an ambulance if needed, and the police can prepare a detailed accident report. This report will form the basis for further inquiry into the case.

3. Gather Real-Time Evidence

gather real-time evidence

South Florida is warm all year round, and people visit pools more often. Miami records several pool drowning accidents every year. Whether there is a swimming pool on the property of a hotel, apartment complex, or private homeowner, they have a responsibility to protect guests from a reasonably foreseeable injury. Using your smartphone, take pictures of the pool and record videos of the accident scene immediately. Also, record the statements of the witnesses and bystanders.

4. Don’t Accept Blame And Admit Guilty

The best thing to do after a drowning accident is to remain silent. Lawyers and insurance companies may try to ask you questions. Answer them if your lawyer advises you to, but do not dive deep into the matter and admit guilt. That’s the job of law authorities and insurance companies to investigate the case further. If you confess fault, you may severely

risk the chances of receiving compensation. Ask everyone to consult your lawyer for any further in-depth questions. Moreover, any settlement offer made by the opposite parties, particularly after the accident, should be avoided.

5. Consult A Lawyer And Always Take Their Advice

Some law firms handle almost every case – personal injury claims, criminal defense, and client contract negotiations. However, we recommend you take your pool accident case to an attorney with the proper knowledge and experience in handling such cases. Legal firms that only represent accident victims have the experience and expertise to benefit you directly. This could put you in the best position to be awarded a large compensation.

Final Words

Swimming pools are a significant source of entertainment and sports for families and swimmers. However, pools can still lead to injuries, and one should be prepared to take immediate action. Doing so will ensure that you take the proper treatment on time and can claim worthy medical compensation.

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