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Stylish Sofa Cover Ideas to Protect Your Furniture

by Louise W. Rice

Who said sofa covers are meant to hide the beauty as their only job is to keep your luxurious sofas and couches free of spills and stains? Obviously, they help because it’s out of the question that you can’t keep an eye on your little ones and pets round the clock. However, using the right covers is all about your creativity and utilizing the resources cleverly to get the job done right without giving you flashbacks of your grandma’s home. Choosing the right L-shaped sectional couch covers or chaise lounge covers will ensure you keep your high-end, graceful sofas protected against the harmful sun rays and wear and tear without compromising on the look.

If you’d not like to replace your precious sofas in the near future, the following stylish sofa cover ideas will make sure of that:

Cotton Rugs and Tapestries

The best thing about cotton is that it’s easy to wash and maintain. As it comes in a wide variety of beautiful, vibrant patterns and colors, it can add a pop of colors to your tedious interior while keeping your chesterfield sofa as fresh as new. If you want to go for a more conventional look, hand-woven tapestries can function equally well.

Fitted Slipcovers

Isn’t it frustrating when you sit on a sofa, and the entire sofa cover turns into a complete mess? That’s when fitted slipcovers come to the rescue! Fitted slipcovers are equipped with elasticized borders that provide a snug fit without tugging the cloth. It ensures that covers stay put without making your beautiful couches ugly. It’s as easy to put on as it’s to take off, so you don’t need to fret if your special guests come over, as it will literally take you a few seconds to remove them. You can get the color of your choice, although I’d prefer not to purchase super-light colors as they tend to get dirty way too soon.

Contemporary Throws

No one can go wrong with unique and chic throw blankets. They can not only accentuate your adorable space but also shield your sofas from doodle-drawing and smears. They are also extremely soft to the touch, which can allow you to nap after a strenuous day. To top it off, you can literally throw some throw pillows and textured pillows of vibrant colors.


Draping simple yet elegant sheets on your sofas can help you keep them in pristine condition. If you’re looking for a more royal look, you can go for silk fabric or even go with something as simple as cotton. It depends on your taste and interior.

Not happy with this look? Want something more lively? Let’s give DIY a chance then.  

DIY Sofa Cover

I love DIY most because you can bring your imagination to life, and you can never go wrong with this.  

What you need:

  • A sewing machine (with basic sewing skills)
  • Any fabric of your choice, such as cotton, polyester, nylon, linen, rayon, etc.
  • Dye colors
  • Any color thread

What to do next?

Get a piece of cloth according to the size of your couch, or you can cut accordingly (if it’s not).

Do simple (or fancy, if you want to go an extra mile) embroidery on the corners with the help of the sewing machine. If the color of your cloth is light, go for a vibrant-colored embroidery to create a lovely contrast effect.

After you’re done, go with a two-toned tie and dye. You can go for any technique. Some of my favorites are ombre, folding, sunburst, and resist and drape tie-dye techniques.

Let it dry, and it will make your living space stand out while not compromising on functionality.

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