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What the World’s Longest Living People Have in Common: Unlock the Secrets for a Healthy Life

by Louise W. Rice

There are places around the globe where people live healthier and longer lives than any other place, called Blue Zones. The population here is most likely to live over an average of 100 years.

Where Are These Blue Zones Located?

  • Okinawa, Japan
  • Sardinia, Italy
  • Seventh-Day Adventists, Loma Linda, California
  • Nicoya, Costa Rica and
  • Icaria, Greece

Here are the following habits that people living in these Zones practice to increase their longevity and improve their health:

Have An Active Lifestyle

Being active is a regular aspect of the inhabitants’ everyday lives in all Blue Zones settlements. Centenarians in Japan, for example, labor in the fields and around the village despite their old age.

Our contemporary lifestyles have been designed to remove the movement from our lives. Therefore it is up to us to obtain as much exercise as possible during the day. This could be using the stairs instead of escalators or elevators, going for a walk, or traveling on foot instead of using a car.

The minimum amount of exercise that will help improve your health is 30 minutes three times each week.

Embrace Shoku Iku Japanese Diet Plan

Shoku Iku Japanese diet plan is a Japanese concept that promotes healthy, long-term eating habits and attitudes toward food.

It is centered on four basic principles:

  • Listening to your body and focusing on fullness rather than calories,
  • Eating more whole foods,
  • Experimenting with different ingredients, and
  • Sharing more meals with family and friends.

Following the Shoku Iku diet plan can help you avoid overeating as it suggests that you should stop eating once you feel that you are 0% full. It reduces your consumption of processed food, thus reducing your sugar and sodium intake.

Experimenting with different ingredients and with different ways of cooking brings diversity to your menu, and sharing these meals with friends and relatives can help you in mindful eating.

Care About Weight Control

When it comes to slowing down the aging process, it’s not just about what you consume. Calories are essential as well. Obesity puts a strain on your heart, blood vessels, and joints, hastening the onset of age-related illnesses. Excess body fat is linked to the development of dementia, cancer, and eye disorders such as cataracts and age-related glaucoma.

Eliminating a few hundred calories from your daily diet might be all you need to live into your 80s or 90s in pretty excellent health. Low-fat dairy, fresh vegetables, fruits, and legumes play a big role in the healthiest diets. These foods are inherently low in calories while also being high in nutrients.

Get Enough Sleep

Your body works hard while you sleep. Various mechanisms work to ensure that your cardiovascular system and your brain are functioning optimally. As a result, obtaining enough sleep can enhance your general health, potentially extending your life. Inadequate sleep, like too much sleep, can have the opposite impact.

The purpose of sleep is to repair and replenish the cells in your muscles, organs, and every night. Sleep also aids in the regulation of your metabolism and hormone release. When these activities aren’t performed correctly as a result of a lack of sleep, you run the risk of developing health problems.

Reduce Stress

Stress management is an essential factor for living a long, healthy life since chronic stress is bad for your health. The trick is to change the way you think about stress. Stress may be beneficial if you regard it as a means of strengthening or polishing yourself. If you consider stress to be harmful, it will most likely have that effect on your body.

Simple lifestyle behaviors like eating nutritious meals, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and interacting with family and neighbors may all help reduce stress, demonstrating that all the factors are interconnected with each other. These are all given importance by Ideaure, they even have rings that could reduce the stress levels of the one using it.


Although longevity may appear to be beyond your control, adopting healthy behaviors can help you live to a ripe old age. These habits include implementing an active lifestyle, following the Shoku Iku Japanese diet plan, taking measures to control your weight, getting enough sleep, and efficiently handling stress. These behaviors, when combined, can improve your health and set you on the road to a long life.

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