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RV Maintenance Checklist to Protect Your Investment

by Louise W. Rice

According to an RV Industry Association survey in October 2020, total RV shipments increased more than 21% from the previous year.

2020 found more people choosing RV vacations over flying and staying in hotels because of health concerns related to the Corona Virus.

Are you one of the new RV owners? Are you just learning about RV costs and RV repair?

Regular maintenance on your RV can save you from costly repairs and protect your investment. Keep reading to learn more from this RV maintenance checklist.

Before Hitting the Road 

Before you hit the highway, there are a few things you should do to make sure the drive goes smoothly.

  • Check the tires and tire pressure
  • Make sure headlights and brake lights are working
  • Clean debris off the roof
  • Secure and lock all doors and storage compartments
  • Unplug appliances and other electronics
  • Retract awnings
  • Secure loose furniture and other loose items
  • Disconnect all connections including the sewer hose and power

Until you get this down to a routine, print out a checklist to tick off as you go through each item.

Every Month

There are monthly maintenance items on the checklist.

  • Check the water levels of the battery
  • Run the generator with a load

Make sure you’re using distilled water for the battery. Running the generator keeps the gas moving through it and helps you avoid RV issues later.

Every Three Months 

In addition to giving your RV a deep cleaning, you should do the following things quarterly.

  • Check the LP gas lines for leaks
  • Tighten the battery cables
  • Clean AC filters
  • Check the seal around the door, shower, roof, etc.
  • Check windows and hardware

It’s important to make sure all seals are intact. Take care of any problems to keep moisture out.

Twice a Year 

There are some essential tasks to complete every six months, some of which require professional service.

  • Rotate the tires
  • An inspection of the LP system
  • Wax the exterior
  • Change the water filter in the water heater
  • Add lubricant to locations where metals rub like the hitch and the steps

Performing these maintenance items twice a year helps you prepare for the adventures ahead.

Yearly Maintenance Items 

Once a year, follow these maintenance tips to keep your RV ready to roll.

  • Have your heating and cooling systems tuned up
  • Inspect the propane tank and test for leaks
  • Service the brakes
  • Check belts, tires, and hoses
  • Sanitize the freshwater system

Keep a record of all the maintenance you perform or leave to a professional. This way you’ll know how your RV performs over the years.

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RV Service 

Protect your investment by following this RV maintenance checklist and looking over your RV before every trip. Remember to also check your interior safety devices like the smoke detector, fire extinguisher, and carbon monoxide detector each year.

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