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Places You Aren’t Cleaning in Your Kitchen But Should be

by Louise W. Rice

Your kitchen is without a doubt one of the most-used rooms in your home. You not only cook there and often eat there, but also spend time there conversing with family and friends alike. Because it gets used so much, it is common for kitchens to often develop quite the mess.

While most of us clean our kitchens often, we may not be doing as good a job as we thought. There are several places in our kitchens we may miss, or simply not clean to the extent that we should be. With that in mind, this blog post is going to go over some places in your kitchen you likely aren’t cleaning, but should be.

Your Sink and Drains

your sink and drains

Your sink is the place you will clean your dishes, but many people don’t think to clean the sink itself. But over time, it can certainly become filthy and will benefit from a good cleaning. But the main part of your sink that you need to think about cleaning is the drains.

Issues like clogged drains, bad scents, and various other problems can stem from not cleaning your drains. Every now and then, make an effort to clean out your drains to ensure no blockages or clogs have a chance to materialize. Also, a good way to prevent these in the first place is to make sure you aren’t putting food, oil, hair, and other items down the drain. In addition, to sink drains, your tub drain and toilet drain should also be cleaned and maintained every now and then.

Handles, Doors, and Knobs

Despite being one of the places that are touched the most in your entire kitchen, many of us don’t do well when it comes to cleaning cabinet handles, doors, and knobs. These are touched dozens of times every day, and can get filthy very quickly.

Bacteria, mold, and various other things can remain on these until they are cleaned, so you want to make sure you clean kitchen cabinet hardware often. This can be done by simply wiping them down with a cloth and using vinegar or a household cleaner. Add this as a part of your weekly kitchen cleaning routine to ensure it never gets forgotten about.


We may often clean out expired food from our fridge and potentially wipe it down, but it is a good idea to deep clean your fridge from time to time. Over the days, weeks, and months, a fridge can become disgusting if you aren’t making an effort to keep it clean.

In order to properly clean your fridge, you need to take out all of the items, take out the shelves, and ensure every surface is wiped down inside and out. Once everything has been cleaned and dried, begin to put the shelving and food items back in.

This doesn’t need to be done all that often, but it is something you should make an effort to do at least once a year, if not more frequently.

In conclusion, we hope that this article sheds some light on places in your kitchen that you should be cleaning, but likely aren’t.

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