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Male Drug Addiction And Its Treatment

by Louise W. Rice

Drug addiction among men is a severe mental illness characterized by uncontrolled cravings for drugs and drugs. Unfortunately, not all drug addicts manage to get rid of this addiction. Many die due to overdose or multiple organ failure. This is a terrible disease, a scourge of modern society – despite the active fight against drug addiction at all levels, the number of drug addicts is growing every day. 

Drug addiction is characteristic of both sexes. However, the tendency to develop drug addiction in men is 2 times more likely than in women. In addition, men and women have different addictions to drugs: if women are more likely to use tranquilizers, stimulants and various psychotropic drugs, then men are more likely to have an addiction to cocaine, heroin, marijuana. Thus, drug addiction in men is characterized by an addiction to more serious and dangerous types of drugs that cause more severe addiction and need a special men’s addiction treatment center.

General signs which help you identify a drug use

Narrow or dilated pupils

Under the influence of drugs, the pupils greatly expand or narrow (to the size of a small dot), while they absolutely do not react even to a sharp change in lighting. Also, look for unusual glitter in the eyes or reddening of the whites.

Pale skin

The skin of a drug user becomes pale and yellowish. Damage (such as acne and ulcers) occurs that does not heal for a long time. With long-term drug use, the skin looks haggard and unhealthy.

Sleep and appetite problems

They manifest themselves depending on the substances used, but most often, they are expressed in a complete lack of sleep and appetite. After the drug wears off, the addict can sleep for more than 24-48 hours.

Deterioration in appearance

Addicts stop taking care of themselves. They wash and change their clothes less often, do not take care of their hair, nails and teeth, since their sphere of interest is focused only on drugs. On the body (in the area of ​​the armpits, elbows, etc.), there are non-healing marks from injections.

Behavioral changes

Drug addicts have new acquaintances, whom they are in no hurry to acquaint their relatives. They practically stop communicating with old friends. While talking on the phone, they leave the room, use strange slang names in the dialogue (“fen,” “speed,” “jarash,” etc.).

Increased costs

The drug addict’s need for money is sharply increasing. Pocket expenses increase, while the addict can take out loans from banks and loans from relatives. Over time, this becomes insufficient and valuable things begin to disappear from the house (jewelry, expensive household appliances, etc.).

Suspicious items

In the personal belongings or the addict’s room, strange objects can be found that indicate addiction: bags with incomprehensible contents, pipes and bongs, plastic bottles with a burnt bottom, smoked spoons, etc.

Addiction treatment in men

According to the study, men are less likely to seek help from a narcologist or psychiatrist than women. However, they suffer from addictions more often. Drug addiction treatment begins with the diagnosis of drug addiction in men. The doctor finds out the degree of dependence, the type of drugs that the patient uses, and the frequency of use. Depending on the stage of drug addiction and the severity of the patient’s condition, therapy is prescribed within the hospital.

Several treatments are available for drug addiction, depending on the substance used. Some may be treated with medications that reduce cravings for opioids and help patients get through the withdrawal period without relapsing. You may check the details about suboxone clinics online to treat various addictions. You can also ask for the contact information of reliable clinics to check about the treatment programs most suitable for men.

When it comes to drugs, such as amphetamines, amphetamine treatment for men can take place on the basis of a men-only rehabilitation center, which is a comfortable closed cottage. If we are talking about heroin, cocaine, synthetic drugs injected intravenously, the patient is hospitalized in a hospital at a psychiatric hospital or a private clinic. In any case, the treatment of drug addiction in men requires a fairly long period – up to six months or a year.

The key factor in the treatment of drug addiction in men is the patient’s desire to get rid of the addiction. Only a readiness for treatment and lifestyle changes can be the key to successful treatment. In Israel, a slightly different approach to the treatment and diagnosis of drug addiction in men – doctors do not treat the patient forcibly. Among the methods of the IsraClinic clinic, the following are used in the treatment of drug addiction:

  • Supervision of a narcologist
  • Detox
  • Drug treatment
  • Group and individual psychotherapy
  • 12 steps program
  • Narcotics Anonymous groups
  • Social men’s rehabilitation
  • Psychoeducation

After the course of treatment, the patient is in constant communication with instructors according to the “12 steps” program for the prevention of drug addiction in men.

Prevention of drug addiction in men

Preventive measures for drug addiction in men can be roughly divided into 2 groups:

  • general prevention;
  • prevention for drug addicts.

General prevention concerns those who have never tried drugs. In this case, it is recommended to selectively approach the formation of a circle of contacts and friends. It is also recommended to visit a good psychologist in stressful situations, establish trusting relationships with loved ones and play sports. With regard to prevention for addicts, the action plan will be approximate as follows:

  • need to attend group sessions (for example, Narcotics Anonymous);
  • it is advisable to change your place of residence;
  • you need to find a job that will not cause constant stress;
  • you should limit the circle of friends; it is advisable to break off contact with drug addicts;
  • it is recommended to diversify your leisure time with interesting activities and hobbies (for example, fishing, swimming, cars).

Usually, after treatment in men’s drug rehab facilities, the specialists give a number of individual preventive measures that should be followed. This also includes psychological practices. Doctors recommend that close people of an addicted addict also attend group therapy sessions for codependents, which will allow them to understand the causes of addiction and develop an optimal algorithm of actions to prevent a relapse of the disease in a loved one.

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