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Is A Master In Graphic Design Worth It?

by Louise W. Rice

Once we have obtained a degree from the university, we are faced with whether to continue with the Master’s or not. The field of graphic design and visual communication is the most demanded field in the last decades. These types of studies are oriented not only for people with knowledge in design or communication but also for people with professional experiences and the desire to grow professionally. Lately, the labor market is so dependent on technology that graphic design studies have become one of the main ones in the world. Professionals with high self-esteem, self-sufficiency, and flexibility are essentials nowadays.

Graphic design is quite a creative area, and people who want to dedicate themselves to this trade have to bear in mind that they will always be in charge of new creations, new ideas, and new designs. A good graphic design specialist is responsible for the project he is designing and the brand or company image, and project success.

Nevertheless, many questions and uncertainties arise when choosing the Master. We will try to treat some of them.

Why should I get a Master’s degree in Graphic Design?

Visual art fans, who do not limit themselves with standards and communicate with the world beyond the ordinary by their own creations, are chosen to study Graphic design. If you are able to combine different elements that other people do not see compatible, and you can present this as something innovative and something that creates expectations, you are the right person to study Graphic design.

The world is full of good specialists, proficient scholars, and technicians. However, we require independently thinking creative minds. Graphic design is a far-reaching profession with vast amounts of opportunities and innovations. Through this major, you can initiate, develop and expand your own projects or help other companies with theirs.

For people with a creative personality, the question “Why should I get a Master’s degree in Graphic Design?” is rhetoric.

Benefits of Earning a Master’s Degree in Graphic

Talking about the benefits of studying for a Master in Graphic Design, we can be sure that this Master can provide all kinds of benefits, starting with personal and ending with professionals. There are services like MBA admissions consulting for master where you can be guided and offered information to have a clear idea about the issue. Here are some benefits of studying Master’s degree in Graphic:

  • Teaching – Technology is an inseparable part of education to teach and learn. We all need technology because in the world of so much information, we need a resource to use it in our favor. To teach new generations, graphic arts can be a starting point and an essential.
  • Job Opportunities – The modern world is constantly changing, and the job market offers new opportunities. The Master’s in Graphic Design can offer the possibility to work in very varied sectors such as the film industry, business, economics, and more. Basically, all sectors require this type of specialist. However, if graphic design can be studied as a degree or you can also do some Graphic Design courses, then what is the need to do a master’s degree?

The answer is evident. Many sectors looking for graphic designers are looking for people who have certificates in graphic design courses. These companies are looking for creativity and new ideas. Doing a Master in Graphic Design also means acquiring knowledge that cannot be done through a simple course. A master deepens the knowledge already acquired previously. A Master in Graphic Design creates specialists who can go into the depth of the company’s needs and create, develop, and adapt the project offered by this company to the market’s needs.

What Can I Do With a Master’s Degree in Graphic Design

Above, we have mentioned the benefits of the Master in Graphic Design. Now perhaps it is time to look at what we can do after having obtained this Master in Graphic Design, where we can apply it and how.

1, Architectural Drafting

Architecture is living one of its best moments. The need for new creations and new ideas urges every moment. Companies and famous architects constantly search for good graphic design specialists to work with them hand-in-hand and create new designs for future buildings. Here your main issue will consist of designing, planning, developing, and promoting sketches to create and construct buildings.

2, Movie Editing

Having a degree in graphic design, you have a high probability of entering into the world of cinematography and edit movies. This is one of the most entertaining and creative works ever. The world of cinematography is another sector where a graphic design specialist can benefit by editing videos and working together with directors. A graphic designer can help make changes to the setting, for example, or help remove scenes that are not important or add more creativity in others.

3, Publication Specialist

Here is another creative activity that can become your job. Print publications need a detailed observation of the articles, design, and more. A good graphic designer can be the soul of a published newspaper or magazine. However, here you have quite a big responsibility, which consists in making the publishing attractive for the target audience. You need to constantly change the design and adjoin new ideas and interpretations.

4, Graphic Design Teacher

The new generation has been born as a technological asset, technological integration and its importance in education and in general in the new generation’s life is incredibly high. We can no longer imagine education without technology. Education is based on technology. If we want to be student-friendly, we need to be acquainted with the animation graphics. New technological tools are available every moment, which means that we need to study constantly. Specialists in Graphic Design can offer this education as it needs a creative and gifted mind. Teaching the next generations will mean creating the future for each of the students.

5, Employment Opportunities

The Master in Graphic Design gives you one profession but offers an immense amount of job opportunities. Especially for people who get bored doing a single thing, the Graphic Design career creates favorable circumstances to enter different job sectors. Being creative, making changes, creating new projects, and giving new ideas is the main base of graphic design. What do you learn in the Master of Graphic Design is design theory and application. Project management is one of the majors of this degree. Portfolio evolution is another detail of this profession.

Below you can find the top 10 jobs that a graphic designer can be offered:

  • Graphic Designer – In this sector, your job would be to design different graphic logos, posters, product illustrations of certain companies to promote them. Here you can combine an advertisement with web design.
  • UX Designer – This work requires a lot of creativity because you have to put yourself in the consumers’ shoes and create and develop designs of products that will be fun to use and enjoyable for the consumers.
  • UI Designer User interface designer considered as a subcategory of the previous one, and it also needs creativity and an innovative open mind. Here you enter in detailed examination and creation of each page and particle created by the UX designer.
  • Web Designer – Web designers are creating web pages for consumers and visitors in general. In today’s world, the Web is constantly changing, and the needs of consumers and web surfers are also changing. A good web designer should constantly rejuvenate, replenish designs. People are easily bored with the same views and contents. Web designers are intermediaries between the browser and the viewer. Multimedia and advertising are the main areas of a web designer.
  • Creative Art Designer – This job normally is a team collaboration. In a creative team of an art designer, there should be Graphic designers, photographers, advertisers, and other people with open points of view and capable of collaborating. Magazines, newspaper publishing companies are the first area for an art design director.

Some other job outcomes of a graphic designer are :

  • Photoshop artist
  • Layout artist
  • Flash designer
  • Engineering drafter


To sum up some points of the article, and focusing once more on the outcomes of the Master in Graphic design, we can assure that this degree is one of the most creative, innovative, and original professions. This master offers wide job opportunities. A starting graphic designer can earn up to 30.000 $. Meanwhile, a professional designer can earn an average of 80.000$. This is not a dying career, as some propose.

If you are an aspiring designer with a creative mind and new ideas, the world of marketing and design will open lots of opportunities for your professional growth. Do not doubt if you are in love with art and design. Improve and promote your skills by gaining a master’s in graphic design. The skills you get after studying this master will enhance and promote your professional growth and open well-paid job outcomes.

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