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Initiatives of Northshore Clinical Labs Amid Recent Pandemic Waves

by Louise W. Rice

The COVID 19 pandemic proved to be a trying time for people worldwide. In the USA, COVID 19 was the reason for millions of deaths through subsequent waves. Even during the recent Omicron variant outbreak, thousands of Americans struggled due to inaccessibility to timely healthcare and laboratory facilities. Even today, the threat of COVID 19 is not fully past us. In such times, laboratory facilities and health care institutions need to shoulder the majority of the responsibility towards society and its healing.

How are Northshore Clinical Labs helping?

As an advanced laboratory facility, Northshore Clinical labs in Chicago, Illinois, has been an active stakeholder in the healthcare segment, providing quality testing services to people. Apart from its standard testing services, the laboratory facility also expanded its active horizon by providing large-scale COVID 19 testing, onsite support, and even charitable fundraising for different struggling communities in difficult times. The lab facility ensured that it could do everything possible to ease common social and healthcare issues for a large section of the US population.

The COVID 19 testing facilities at Northshore Clinical Labs have been trusted by many healthcare institutions for providing accurate test results on time. They are an important link in the COVID 19 treatment and combat infrastructure by offering crucial diagnostic services to society. The lab facilities of Northshore Clinical Labs have partnered with many community touchpoints like nursing homes, charter schools, daycares, and summer camp programs to diagnose COVID 19 cases for early identification and prevention of COVID 19.

Onsite testing over large communities like large residential spaces, neighborhoods, and spaces where people might congregate is a crucial step in the proper management of the COVID 19 challenge.

Here are the few areas in which Northshore Clinical Labs work with communities:

Nursing homes and old age homes

The COVID 19 outbreak has been very brutal on the vulnerable groups of the older population and children. Therefore, care facilities like nursing homes and old age homes need diagnostic services the most. Diagnostic services from Northshore Clinical Labs partnered with multiple nursing homes and care facilities to avoid a community outbreak. From independent living facilities for the elderly to assisted living facilities, the lab facilities have worked with multiple care facilities over the span of the pandemic.

Homeless programs

Homeless people were at a higher risk of COVID 19 contamination because they lacked an indoor space for living. Out on the streets, homeless people are more prone to catching any disease. The number of homeless increased during the pandemic too. In such a situation, the availability of good diagnostic services with accuracy is an important need to fulfill. Northshore Clinical Labs took up the mantle of providing diagnostic and care services to the homeless.

All these community programs and charitable work were targeted at better management of the COVID 19 situation. Northshore Clinical Labs have the aim of providing quality diagnostic and community services for the betterment of society as a whole.

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