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How to Make a Ring Fit Tighter: 7 Tips to Size Down a Ring

by Louise W. Rice

Rings come in a wide variety of materials, shapes, types, and prices. They also come in full sizes, half sizes, and even quarter sizes for extra convenience.

With all these considerations, however, there’s still a chance for you to end up with a loose ring. It could be you bought it online and the measurements didn’t quite line up, or it could be due to a change in your body such as weight loss, giving birth, hormonal changes, or slimming surgery.

No matter the reason, a ring that’s too big is just asking to be lost – which can be a huge problem if it’s made of something expensive like gold or diamond. Not to mention, it looks unflattering on the hand.

If you’re wondering how to make a ring fit tighter, you’ve come to the right place. Today, I’ll be sharing 7 ways you can size down a ring, both temporarily and permanently.

How to Know the Right Size of Your Ring

First things first, you should figure out your correct ring size. This way, you’ll know how much smaller the ring in question needs to be, as well as better avoid future sizing mistakes.

There are many ways to determine the right size of your ring, including:

  • Using a string or a paper strip — this one is a common method to measure your finger at home. You’ll need to cut a piece of string or a strip of paper about 3 to 4 inches long. Then, take the string or paper and wrap it around the finger you want to measure. Use a pen to mark the string or paper at the point where the circle around your finger overlaps. Using a ruler, measure the length of the string or paper until the mark. Make sure the measurement is in millimeters, then compare it against this ring size chart.
  • Using ring sizing cut-out strips — these are usually available via jewelry stores online, where you print out the strip, cut it out, then wrap it around your finger. These strips have measurements indicated on them so you can find out your size without using a ruler.
  • Using a ring sizer or a sizing ring — people use these terms interchangeably to refer to two different measuring tools, both used to determine ring sizes. One of the tools is shaped like a zip tie where you insert your finger inside the hole, then tighten it until it fits you properly and take the measurement from the indicated numbers. The other tool is a set of rings in increments of sizes that you slip on until you find one that fits you best.
  • Using a proper-fitting ring — here, you’ll measure a ring that you already own and feel it fits you well. Grab a ruler and place it over the band so you can measure the inner diameter of the ring from one inner edge to the other, making sure the ruler is straight.

How to Make a Ring Fit Tighter

Now that you know how to determine your correct ring size, let’s discuss the different ways you can make a ring fit tighter:

1. Using Plastic Inserts

One of the easiest fix-ups for loose rings is using plastic inserts. These are basically small curved pieces of clear plastic that you clip onto the bottom of the ring to make it tighter.

Plastic inserts are usually sold in sets of different widths and thicknesses to work on any ring and offer a variety of sizes.

2. Use Plastic Coils

Plastic coils are one of my favorite tightening methods because they’re super easy to use and don’t require special attention to the width of the band.

You just grab a coil, gently slip the first loop onto the ring, and twist some more of the coil onto the ring. Then, try on the ring to make sure that it fits properly and cut off the excess coil.

3. Using a Sizing Bar

Also called a ring guard, a sizing bar is a solution you can ask your jeweler to apply. It consists of a metal bar that’s fastened onto the ring’s base by folding its edges around the band.

Sizing bars can be a temporary or a permanent fix, depending on your request. They’re usually comfortable, affordable, and easy to install, even on metals that can’t be resized using conventional cutting and welding methods.

4. Using Sizing Beads

Sizing beads is another solution you can ask your jeweler to implement. The idea here is simple — the jeweler adds two tiny metal balls on opposite sides at the bottom of the ring.

These balls will tighten the ring and are great for sizing down by half and quarter sizes. Beads are also an affordable method that doesn’t compromise the shape of the ring.

What’s more, if you often have trouble keeping your ring upright, sizing beads can get the job done.

That said, I recommend asking your jeweler to give you another ring with beads so you can try how it feels first. You don’t want to have it adjusted only to not wear it because it’s uncomfortable.

5. Using Silicone

Although this is a popular method among DIY enthusiasts, I don’t recommend it for expensive rings because the type of silicone you use may damage the ring’s material (for example, food-grade silicone and alloyed metals) or cause a skin reaction.

This method also requires a bit of practice. Not to mention, you need to be rather precise when applying it to avoid causing a mess.

If you want to try it, start by estimating how much space you want to fill up for the ring to fit. Then, grab a tube of silicone sealer and apply some at the bottom of the band to fill up the estimated space.

Wait for the silicone to dry, and you’re good to go!

6. Using Liquid Plastic

This method is similar to the silicone sealer method, but you’ll be using liquid plastic instead.

Once again, if you’re working with an expensive gold or diamond ring, I don’t recommend using liquid plastic.

There’s a risk that your skin will react to it, or it may damage the ring’s material. Also, it can be difficult and messy to apply.

That said, just follow the same steps in the previous method if you want to try it. It’s all about estimating the amount of space to fill up, applying the liquid plastic at the bottom of the band, then waiting for it to dry.

7. Using Hot Glue

Last but not least, you can try using hot glue to size down your ring. As with the two previous solutions, you need to:

  • Estimate the amount of space to fill up
  • Apply the hot glue at the bottom of the band to fill said space
  • Wait for it to dry

You should be especially careful when applying hot glue to avoid accidentally burning yourself.

Wrap Up

There you have it, 7 easy solutions for how to make a ring fit tighter. Other DIY options include coiling a string or cloth onto the ring’s base, or snipping off a strip of a screen protector and lining the ring with it.

You can try any of the methods I mentioned today at home, but for valuable rings, I recommend seeking a professional to avoid ruining them.

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