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5 Important Questions To Ask When Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

by Louise W. Rice

There are many stressors present during and after a car accident. If you are the one involved, you may need medical attention, to seek new transportation, or trying to recoup emotionally, among many other things.

Finding an appropriate and qualified lawyer can add another level of pressure during this time. However, when trying to sort out what to expect physically after a car accident, your mind may be unable to focus on the critical and essential questions to ask when hiring a lawyer.

To help in this endeavor, we compiled a list of 5 articles to discuss with your potential car accident lawyer below.

What Is Your Payment Method?

While this may seem like an odd question to ask right off the bat, it’s pertinent to your future in the case. Although some lawyers will bill or accept a payment plan after the fact, others require a hefty retainer before agreeing to represent you in court.

If you aren’t working due to the accident or scrambling to find funds for transportation to work or appointments, your budget is likely limited. Therefore, before getting too deep into a conversation with a lawyer, it’s best to ask how they bill and their rates.

What Do You Specialize In?

Most lawyers focus on specific areas of law. While you may be talking to a firm that represents car accident victims, it’s not always a guarantee that the one you are meeting with on that first visit has experience in that area.

To have the best outcome, you will want to find someone who understands your case in the best way possible. Knowing the ins and out’s of the issue because they have experience dealing with it in court will further benefit you and your outcome.

What Is Your Experience in Cases Like Mine?

This question allows for further conversation about the lawyer’s experience and how many cases they have won. Additionally, you will understand how often they have gone to court over something similar to your lawsuit.

Lastly, asking this question will give you valuable insight into whether or not the lawyer is a good fit for you based on how they previously managed similar cases. After engaging in conversation about their experience, you will likely have a better idea of which direction to take.

What Do You Think My Odds Are of Winning?

While this question can feel weird to ask, knowing if the lawyer sees a likelihood of you winning your case is crucial. However, when you ask the question, you may be nervous that they think you doubt their ability or that your situation isn’t severe enough for the court system.

Ultimately, this is a question that lawyers are used to getting. Wanting to know your chances before investing in a fight within the court system is understandable. The cost is considerable, and all lawyers are aware that each battle comes with a need to know the possible outcome.

How Long Will My Case Take?

Knowing the length of time you will be caught up in court is a question on all accident victim’s minds. Having a timeline is beneficial when you require financial assistance, are unable to work, or suffer a great deal from the event.

Asking your lawyer for an estimate on time involved can help put your mind at ease. Additionally, it can help you plan for any upcoming events or obligations you may need to change to accommodate your court dates.


Being in a car accident is one of the scariest times a person can have. Unfortunately, the accident itself is only the beginning of a significant list of things that need handling, including retaining a car accident lawyer if necessary.

While many see this process as stressful, having the necessary questions listed out can help you to focus and get the information you are looking for from a lawyer. Above, we list 5 of the top questions you should ask to help ease the situation’s stress.

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