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Everything You Need To Know About Healthcare In Germany

by Louise W. Rice

The healthcare system in Germany is one of the best in the world. Huge financial resources are invested in this field, so the level of medicine in the country is one of the highest in the world. Germany is one of the world leaders in terms of average life expectancy. If you have health problems, you can seek the help of German doctors, as German hospitals admit foreign patients.

How does healthcare in Germany work?

Healthcare in Germany is financed from two sources: hospitals receive funds from the state and from insurance companies. Some medical facilities are also funded by private sources and religious organizations. Most Germans’ treatment costs are covered by insurance. Only 0.2% of the German population is uninsured and forced to receive medical services at their own expense.

Most people in Germany have compulsory state insurance, and part of the population with a high level of income can afford private insurance.

Insurance companies cover most medical services, but there are exceptions, such as alternative medicine, cosmetic procedures, or plastic surgery.

Foreign patients can also be treated in Germany, but at their own expense. The cost of various medical services can be found on the Booking Health website.

Why to undergo your treatment in Germany?

Medical centers in Germany are among the best not only in Europe but throughout the world. Only a small number of developed countries have a comparable level of medicine.

Germany is one of the five countries in the world where 80% of all clinical trials are conducted. There are many university hospitals that are engaged not only in practical medicine but also in science. In Germany, medical devices, drugs, new methods, and treatment regimens are being developed, which are then used in many countries around the world.

Clinics in Germany receive good funding, so they can afford state-of-the-art equipment, research, and rapid implementation of innovations. The treatment here is not only more effective, but it is also more reliable, safer, less traumatic, and less uncomfortable for patients. People have a higher quality of life after their treatment. They are less likely to need additional procedures or surgeries in the future, as German doctors solve most medical problems once and for all.

How to go to Germany for treatment?

You no longer need to deal with as many organizational issues as before. Treatment abroad for medical tourists is becoming easier, faster, and cheaper thanks to the services of Booking Health, a medical tourism agency.

You are welcome to visit the Booking Health website to get information about German hospitals and doctors, find out the cost of medical services, and compare prices for the same procedures or operations at different hospitals. When you choose a medical care program through Booking Health, treatment will cost you 40-70% cheaper due to the absence of taxes for foreign patients.

The Booking Health specialists will help you select a hospital, reduce the waiting period for the start of your treatment, and prepare the necessary documents. Your medical reports, epicrises, and diagnostic results will be translated into German so that you do not have to undergo diagnostics again. We will book a hotel room and airline tickets for you, meet you at the German airport, take you to the hospital by car, provide interpreting services, and support you throughout the entire period of your stay abroad.

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