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Tips and Techniques About Green Architecture

by Louise W. Rice

As the world is accepting energy efficiency in its daily life, a lot of transformations are happening. People are giving attention to the perils of not caring for the environment. They are looking for ways in which they can save the natural resources they have with them. 

Green architecture and making buildings energy efficient is the first step in this direction. Here are some tips and techniques about Green architecture and how you can implement it.

Efficient use of space

Whenever you plan a building with a focus on green architecture, the efficient use of space is very crucial. The larger the space is, the more energy, heat, and light it requires. Any average building has a lifespan of 60-120 years. 

Some factors which will decide its lifespan will be environmental conditions, design, and type of construction materials used. Pay attention to how you use your space. The lesser space will reduce energy requirements and reduce open space use. Utility bidder will guide you best about the efficient use of resources. 

Investment in Insulation

The HVAC system controls the temperature of your building. This probably drains out the maximum energy from your building. Therefore the use of insulation is necessary. Insulation in your home will keep the cool air in and warm air out in the summers. 

The reverse happens as soon as the winters set in. Insulation works continuously and improves the comfort of the building without increasing the burden on resources.

Green buildings will use solar energy

The concept of green building is to save as much energy as possible. We tend to ignore the amount of sun that our homes face every day. Why not use that treasure for meeting your energy requirements. 

Solar energy is clean and does not require much effort and money to get collected and used. The solar panels are installed on your roofs. In case you save energy, you can always give it back to the energy companies. 

Make space for gardens

Food production at the farms can be somewhat toxic. The use of pesticides spoils the water table. Whereas heavy farming equipment releases polluting gases in the air. Therefore it is essential that green homes have a decent space for gardening as well. 

Having one reduces your grocery costs, and you can teach your children a thing or two about organic farming

Sufficient use of trash dumpsters

Have you ever seen the trash can outside of your home overflowing? No one wants to see that. Responsible green home designers will ensure that there are sufficient trash bins in your building. They will also encourage recycling initiatives so that the environment does not suffer any damage.

Just bringing a thought of creating a green building is not sufficient. You have to make sure that you follow the above practices to see that things go as per your plan. Nowadays, being energy efficient saves money and is suitable for the environment too. 

If you adhere to the above principles, you can take care of your present as well as get a secured future for your kids. 

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